Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chicken Hariyali kebab

    I went out for dinner with family to this restaurant called "The Banyan" at the heritage resorts, madurai.We werent that hungry actually but i was very much keen on hogging that particular day, since i had nothing else to do.. :P we ordered some X, Y ,Z along with some chicken hariyali kebab.. i was waiting waiting waiting,,, 10 minutes gone and still waiting, then there i see the waiter with X,Y,Z and my hariyali kebab... :D that was the awesomest kebab ever.. it looked HARA(green ofcourse) , juicy and gorgeous, along with the orange and white salad, and a greener pudina chutney... YUM :D That was when i caught the green fever, everything i saw and thought of, was green.. so i decided, why not make my own hariyali kebab.. so i surfed the "gooooogly" and found the following recipe. I also ended up making two sets of hariyali kebab today, the first set dint turn out well (am bad with microwave cooking, timing is something, that just doesnt happen for me), where as the second set was yummy and looked divine :P .. you are so welcome in my kitchen.. here is a sneak peek of my hariyali kebab, and the recipe for it.
500 gms of chicken boneless
1/2 cup chopped coriander
1/4 cup chopped pudina/mint
50 grams of curd
some salt
2 tsp ginger garlic paste
2 green chilies
1 tsp finely ground garam masala
1/2 tsp black pepper powder
half a lemon squeeze


1) Grind the coriander, pudina/mint,chillies into a fine paste
2) Add curd, salt,ginger garlic paste,garam masala, lemon juice and pepper powder to the ground pudina/coriander/chilli paste. mix all the ingredients well
3) marinate the chicken with the mix, and keep aside for a good 2 - 3 hours.
4) take a non stick frying pan, add 3 tsp of oil , when the oil is hot, fry the marinated chicken pieces in it.
5) serve it with onion rings and pudina chutney...

Here is what my hariyali kebab looks like :P

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A book, A week # 10 " Even silence has an end - Ingrid Betancourt"

     You spend a little over six years in captivity in the Colombian jungle ,tortured, sick, and hopeless .you’d think that, once you’re free, all you’d really care about is the fact that the nightmare has finally come to an end. But, in a day and age where surviving an especially shitty chapter in your life almost requires that you write a memoir to forever document this painful period in your life, it’s really no surprise to find a book like Ingrid Betancourt’s “Even Silence Has An End” — but what’s surprising is that one of her fellow captives, an American who was part of a drug surveillance operation, publicly bashed Betancourt in his own memoir and claimed she was “worse than the guards.” The recipient of multiple international awards, Betancourt was one of the more famous political prisoners and was taken hostage in 2002 by the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ), while she was running for president. 
      I came to know about the existence of this book after i watched an interview of the author on the Oprah show! I was very impressed, and i was looking to get hold of the book when i accidentally stumbled up on a  certain comment by Stansell, an American intelligence analyst and ex-Marine, who claimed that Betancourt was  “the most disgusting human being I’ve ever encountered.” I was shocked but i still thought i should give her  a chance :P So, having read about all of this prior to picking up Betancourt’s memoir, I couldn’t help but look at her account of things with a grain of salt. 
     But you know what?  You read her book and you can’t help but understand both sides of the stories; I mean, think of our high school days, it helps you understand that, in some situations, when you’re stuck with a bunch of other people under circumstances that aren’t in your control, this ugly side of you starts to emerge the longer you’re in that situation. I know you might not agree, but the beast in you does.. :P
In her memoir, Betancourt recounts a number of attempts to run away. She even stood up to the guerrillas on a number of occasions, displaying what I thought were remarkable shows of courage in an attempt to stick by her principles; but it seems that some of her fellow captives saw her as nothing more than a troublemaker who made things more difficult for them in the short term.
    Reading this book, there were moments where I felt like I was being held captive right along with Betancourt — and I don’t mean that in a good way. The writing was okay — if a little grandiose at times — and I didn’t find it difficult to slough through…but still, reading it, I could only begin to imagine what it was like to actually go through what she did.
   At one point, she writes, “The flatness of life, the boredom, time that was forever starting over again just the same — it all acted like a sedative.”

    I must say i liked the dramatic rescue mission and i thought the description of the rescue could have been longer than the depressing captivity.And This is the first E-book that i read..

conclusion : The book is too long for a memoir.I was hoping i could get over with it soon........... 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

lil horsey ...

          This is a little horsey that i sketched when i was in school :P i found it in one of my math notebooks from when i was in 8th grade.. i hope you guys like him :D like i said in the previous post, am going to be choosing a lucky winner every month for my give away... so keep reading and keep winning.. it could be a make up brush, or a wallet or a book or anything... !! :D


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

kanthari peppers from sirumalai

         The world's most tiniest pepper/chilli, called kanthari chilli. It grows in certain parts of kerala and tamilnadu, originally from korea.I also learned they are ivory white in colour before turning green. I was really fascinated by their size, they are uber tiny and i can relate to their hotness only after touching a bruised one.. it is extremely hot, my fingers are on fire, even after washing them a couple of times..

Best things come in small packages, dont they?? :P

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Signs of aging!!

         I see the signs of aging in me, almost every single day. It gets me sometimes, who wants to grow old right??.. you know it when you experience the following

1) wrinkles, dark spots etc.. etc..etc.... ..... ....  .... etc (use ponds age miracle eh :-P)
2) You dont feel like talking over a pedestal fan anymore, to listen to your robot voice... damnnn i miss it
3) listening to old songs, classics..
4) watching old movies...
5) The Sun becomes the worst enemy.. you hate him so much.. trust me..
6) Stressing over what kind of "vadai" to serve, when there are people coming over..
7) the superman toy is just a piece of tin.
8) Travelling in a bus is impossible
9) The languages spoken are , Sarcasm,humor,  Narcissism, Pun,ego, money, hypocrisy
10) You "sushhhhh" the kids around.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspired by.. !

     I came across this picture today (source: Ananda vikadan 6.7.2011).  A mom supporting her gay son in the LGBT rally at chennai pride 2011.  Such parents are rare and a great role model that we dont often get to see.. Is there a plan or a blue print to fall in love? love is good, however be it! With the support of parents,any kind of issue gets nano in size, but without their support even the smallest issue can seem behemoth.... I am proud of this woman, the mother, a great inspiration..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I laddered today :D

      My house is getting babed up big time, the curtains got a chance to shower, the grills got a makeover, they are pampered like never before.Avva washed the curtains today, and she rest them on the clothline, since the season is windy, the curtains got blown and blown away by the wind.And oh yeah!! they dint stop there, one of them, flew and hid on the sunshade below.... My driver is on a rock tour(just kidding :P), he was so totally absent on this "curtain on the sunshade" day and mom made me climb the ladder to get the curtain..So i climbed down and up the ladder just to rescue my curtain from crowshit !!.... and i feel oh so great, for i am not that useless :D i should have taken a picture right?, oh just that i was shaking with fear and forgot about the rest of the world and i should have asked my mom to take a picture right ?. Oh just that she was holding the ladder for me and cheering up.. I FEEL LIKE A FIREFIGHTER now :-P .... LMAO

Monday, June 13, 2011

virtues, Priorities,introspection and ill fit shoes..

          Are goodness and virtue mere thoughts, are they mere form, or, are they active principles manifested in human action? Different people answer these questions differently.. "how does it matter what you do, so long as your intentions are good?" asked one set of people. According to them what motivates action is more important than the action itself. To counter the above argument its opponents cite:"Even the way to hell is paved with good intentions". The world is shaped in the last analysis by what one does and not by what one thinks. Such a formulation, however, creates an artificial dichotomy between thought and action. Good thoughts ensuing into rectitude of conduct is what one would ideally like to have. The springs of all actions lie in the human mind.However, there is a distinct possibility of there being a bottleneck between the two, aborting the translation of the conceptual into the actual. This makes it imperative to stress the practical importance of action. The ideally good is not merely a matter of looks. What matters is the substance-that which lies beneath the veil of surface appearances. It is in this sense that handsome is he who handsome does.
            Priorities are different for different people, as to what they possess, dream, like, obsess,want, desire, their comfort and convenience. Some might need to live large, while some might stress on living simple.Sometimes it so happens that we want to fit in to a shoe that is a size large or small, both might and will lead to pain.Introspection might be rather misleading to us, is when we attempt to predict our future feelings. Try imagining how you would feel living in a new city, being fired from your current job, or living with a person for several years. When you are not in these specific circumstances, you might not be able to actually predict how you will respond when you are in them. This applies to both positive and negative future circumstances. When we think about something terrible happening to us and try to predict how we would feel one year into the future, we focus exclusively on the awful event and neglect all the other factors that will contribute to our happiness level then. This means that people predict that they would feel much worse than they actually would when this future time arrives. Likewise, for positive events, if we focus on only its occurrence, we wil mispredict our happiness as being considerably higher than the actual moderate feelings that are likely one year later. Does this all mean that introspection is inevitably misleading, and is in fact potentially harmful? It depends on what we analyze about ourselves. When the behaviour in question is actually based on a conscious decision-making process - and is not based on unconscious factors.So, a checklist created with the priorities of your slim blond best friend, is like you trying to fit in to her shoe, the shoe might be a christian louboutin, but you cant just fit into it, because it is just not your size :-P

Monday, June 6, 2011

Woody Allen , why i adore him??


            I adore Woody Allen with no bounds.. ,Okay…. ‘You Will Meet a Tall,Dark Stranger’….. is a tantalizing title, a prophecy and a promise.I mean… who doesn’t want to meet a tall, dark stranger, regardless of age? The premise is strong but this is not Woody Allen’s most inspired movie.I watched this movie a couple of full moons ago.  But since I happen to be a die hard fan of the auteur, I can safely state that even at his worst, Woody is still streets ahead of almost anybody else in the movie business. Which is precisely why he has a world wide cult following and is worshipped in France as a genius.this film may be flawed, but even his flaws are superior to those of other film makers.The problem with this film of his is that audiences expected a light, frothy, feel good comedy ( given the title), but what they got instead was a slice of life ( with loads of exaggeration ). It’s actually a pretty sad and sardonic movie about growing old.About disappointment and disillusionment.About our futile search for love. Woody’s forte has always been to unmask and expose society’s many foibles. He has made a career out of tapping into our myriad insecurities and hang ups. Earlier, the themes revolved around infidelity and betrayal. This one too deals with all that and more, but in a more thoughtful way. Woody’s penetrating insights are all there in the superbly calibrated performances, led by Anthony Hopkins ( can this man ever be less than brilliant, film after film?) playing Alfie, and Gemma Jones playing his divorced , dotty wife Helena.The only person who disappointed big time in an otherwise top class ensemble cast (Antonio Banderas at his yummiest), was our Freida Pinto. To be fair, hers was also the worst written role… and she looked far from alluring as Dia – the desi Lady in Red. Naomi Watts as Sally, was outstanding, especially in the blow out scene with her depressive tippler mother ( Helena) who refuses to loan her more money to start an art gallery.Watts’ savage desperation comes through as she calls her mother an ‘imbecile’ for listening to a charlatan called Crystal. Paradoxically enough, nearly all of Crystal’s calculating ‘prophecies’ eventually come true, including the one about Helena meeting a ‘stranger’ and starting life all over again. Everybody in the movie meets a stranger who alters the course of their individual lives…inevitably with disastrous consequences. But it is Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of an old man who gets conned into marrying an avaricious hooker , that underlines the pathos faced by ageing rou├ęs across the world – men who delude themselves into believing they can still ‘do it’. Charmaine,the trashy, brassy blond ( Lucy Punch) who plays the ambitious hooker, puts in a great performance as she hoodwinks Hopkins into parting with vast sums of money to buy her baubles and fur coats even as she is two timing him with a hunky gym instructor. Like they say, there’s no fool like an old fool! Woody Allen should know!!
         I am waiting to watch "Midnight in Paris" , after the grand debut at cannes film festival 2011,my expectations are at its peak, I know it would be really daft if i miss it.. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

    Its been quite sometime that i painted.. this is a little birdie abstract.. i dont know her name or what species she belongs to, or where is she from, but she is my new roommate :P

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

u love photography and children??

Backpicture, Netherlands is organising an exhibition and auction of photographs and art items on June 5, 2011 between 16:00 - 20:00 hrs at Green Bay - Keizersgracht 253, Amsterdam. All proceeds would go to NalandaWay Foundation. Do what you can !! For more information click

Via Sriram V.Iyer, founder of Nalandaway foundation

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paris !

     I watched an episode of Ellen DeGeneres show, featuring Paris Hilton, She dint seem like a dumb blonde, not at all. Like millions of viewers across India,I am an absolute sucker for reality shows on television. Especially the ones featuring ‘celebrities’ making complete asses of themselves (and us!), while getting paid for their monkey tricks. But the one reality show I would love to watch in future involves a Hilton who is unique and compelling in a way that defies logic or reason. That show would be ‘‘Paris in India.” I’m certain Ms. Hilton herself would gladly play judge if the money is right. For she, more than any human on earth, has mastered the unsubtle art of playing the celebrity game – and winning! Paris is a cultural phenomenon. Paris parties 24x7. It is a full- time , highly- paid job. Paris makes serious money jetting around the world (from Tokyo to Timbucktu), attending glamourous soirees thrown by complete strangers.The big bucks she makes exceed the fat pay cheques pocketed by corporate honchos with a string of degrees to their credit. Her party calendar is so over- booked she requires an entire team of social secretaries to sort out her dates. Since she has to make a living out of attending parties, Paris also needs the services of various stylists who create daily ‘looks’ for her. These specialists come at a hefty price – but in the case of Paris, it is her only investment in the multi-million dollar Paris Hilton Industry – which produces, packages and sells just one single product – Paris herself!
What makes Paris special? Is it the bottle blond hair? The stylish couture? Sexy shoes? Crazy quotes? Size zero torso? It is of course, all this … but that still does not explain the hold she has over her fans spread across the world, who follow her every move in a manic and obsessive way. The minute Paris steps out in public, her pictures are all over cyber space. She is perhaps one the most watched person on earth, along with Barrack Obama, or more accurately, Michelle Obama. That is quite an achievement for a person whose calling card probably states “ Party Girl’’ as her profession. Deconstructing the Paris phenomenon, it is somewhat difficult to figure out why Paris and Paris alone , makes big bucks by merely showing up somewhere. Why does her presence generate acres of publicity? It is said by awestruck Paris-watchers that any host who manages to get Paris to a party, hogs instant international paparazzi attention and ups his\her own glam quotient overnight. It’s a win-win situation for both. So, what has Paris herself done to create such a powerful brand? Analysts say she cleverly used the Hilton name to project a rich-Witch image that appealed to an ever - growing aspirational class across the globe. Through shrewdly-scripted reality shows on television, she capitalized on people’s fascination for the lives of the rich, famous and ditzy. Paris is no dumb blond. But she used the dumb blond platform to promote herself worldwide – and it worked!Today, she can sell anything from perfumes to couture – even though she flopped miserably as a movie star and popstar. And despite sleazy videos of Paris with an ex-flame being all over the net at one time. Notoriety did not kill Paris. Publicity is the oxygen and an efficient PR, is the H2O .... ;) Hail Princess Hilton  :P

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who is the author?? my lil brit cousin.. :D

               Siddarth Venkatramakrishnan, my little cousin from Chelmsford has authored a novel called "____" i am not going to tell you that, i will let you guys know as soon as he is published.. I got a chance to read the unpublished book .... i can just say one thing, all the oldie goldy locks watch out, he is a man in the making, the dicion used init, is real high. He has raised the bar. The story is based in England. I cant even discuss the plot, i wouldnt want anyone stealing the storyline.
Wish him Gud luck and all the success in the world.. :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doctors vs Patients

             The relationship between doctors and patients, should be built by trust and not by money. The community is so judgemental, when there is a birth, the doctor becomes a God, and if there is a death , the same doctor becomes a satan and the reaction to the latter is harsh, it just doesn't stop with suing the doctor (i read an article about a doctor being murdered). They are neither GODS nor SATANS, they are homo sapiens, either driven by conscience and virtues or by big fat checks just like you and me. The medical system in India is not at its best right now,but let me be optimistic here and say it is going to get better in the future. Its time we stop complaining about the paper work that we are expected to do before getting treated from a medical institution,be it EMERGENCY or not. Consumerism has reached even the most remote areas,if the patient cashes in his chips,within the premises of the hospital, there are chances for the doctor to get sued, if he aint proactive.Not all doctors are greedy and not all patients are honest as well! If we have the right to follow consumerism so can the doctor, don't you think? but i also don't support the idea of paying the doctor a sack of money for a petty treatment, that in my language is called "daylight robbery".I am totally against it. We are children of the media, we believe and act according to whatever our mighty mother tells us,most of it aint true and we know that ;) I know a lot of good doctors who are really into service, but we , the public, scare them and push them into consumerism and later curse them when we are asked to fill out forms... Doesn't that sound crazy?? to me , it does..
No doctor will kill their customer on purpose!!! (provided they dont hold any grudge :P )

Facts : Doctors are not Gods or superheros , they do not hold "death vision cameras"  as eyes, they can only help us with a set of colorful medicines,a smile, a bed pan or a catheter and nothing more. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recipe # 3 " Goan, fried aubergines"


purple aubergines/egg plants/brinjal/gundu kathirikkai - 1
cut them into slices...
all purpose flour  or gram flour                                 -  2 tsp
corn flour                                                                - 1tsp
turmeric powder                                                       -1/2 tsp
chilli powder                                                            - 1/2 tsp
coriander powder                                                     -1/4 tsp
some salt
and a little water
vegetable oil for frying


    Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except for the aubergines and oil. Heat the pan, add some vegetable oil, wait till the oil is hot, then dip the sliced aubergines in the mixture and shallow fry them in the hot oil.. serve them hot with daal rice.. Yummy :D

Images: Google

I think its high time i start with my painting exhibit again... coming up soon ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


             I have been obsessing over the songs "Water's edge" & "Notes from underground" by 1997 and "tighten up" by black keys lately.. I keep listening to them all day long ... and all the R&B, hiphop madness that i had is gone... OMG i am growing old, like someone said :P

(click on the songs to listen/watch)

Water's edge

Notes from underground

Tighten up

Hope you end up obsessed yourself ;)

ciao, abi

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Superstar :D

      The man is not that great looking, he talks tamil differently,hello... can he even dance?, all that he does are random gestures called "s(h)tyle". In spite of knowing it all, i get very much excited, every time i hear the name "Rajnikanth" :D . i can never be too old or too young to buy all the bullshit they sell in his movies, i watched "Baba", the super duper flop movie of the superstar, like a 1000 times. I go berserk when there is a special appearance of Rajnikanth on star nights, or awarding ceremonies etc.. I prefer movies like "The Hurt locker" and "Gladiator" to any tamil movie, but its the opposite if the movie casts Rajni in it! My grey matter tells me he is not Brad Pitt or Sean Connery,but i refute to listen, and carry on with my 'Rajni Madness'. I like the superstar, not because he acts well, or does amazingly choreographed stunts with perfection but because liking Rajnikanth is a part of being a "Tamil" and exhibiting his fame and worth to my north indian friends, is like eating honey dipped chocolate cookies  :D My grand mother, my mother and I share one common interest finally.. :P

ciao abi

PS: There is a little bit of exaggeration in it ;=)

A book,A week # 9 " Chromosome 6- Robin cook"

        Like i have mentioned earlier (click here ), i have an innate attraction towards medical writing and it started only after reading chromosome 6.Chromosome 6 is basically, two intertwined stories, and is, a bit more complicated than is usual for Cook's novels. The first 'story' takes place primarily in New York, where the medical examiners are faced with the task of doing the postmortem on Carlo Franconi, a Mafia figure who has been murdered. But before the autopsy can be performed, his body disappears from the morgue. This unprecedented event starts Laurie on a quest to discover how the body could have disappeared. For Jack's part, he quickly is enmeshed in a mystery of his own - discovering whose is the headless, handless, mutilated corpse that has ended up on his table, and how did he die.

         Along side the stories of Laurie and Jack, Cook also introduces us to Kevin Marshal, a 34-year-old nerd who is working for GenSys, a biotech company. Kevin lives in Equatorial Guinea where he is doing research using Bonobos, a type of primate. It is in Equatorial Guinea where the second 'story' takes place, as Kevin must solve a mystery of his own. Along the way he is aided by Melanie Becket and Candace Brickman, two women who have an energizing affect on the reserved researcher. With deftness and a flare for quickly moving plots, Cook merges Laurie, Jack, and Kevin's stories into one, complicated, interconnected, plot. Although Laurie and Jack are the main characters in this story, Kevin is by far the most memorable.

             Both the group in New York, and the one in Africa, risk their lives to learn their respective truths. And, as the stories progresses, you will find that you are holding your breath as the tension mounts. In many of Cook's books, the solution to the 'problem' magically falls into the hero's lap, without any real effort on his part. In this book, however, Cook makes his characters work for their reward, especially as the story reaching its arresting climax. But then Cook nearly ruins an otherwise delightful book by simply dropping the story, leaving you wondering what happened to the characters after the medical mystery was wrapped up. All that was needed to neatly wrap everything up was only one or two more paragraphs. But for some reason Cook did not include this extra, albeit extraneous, information. While this information was not really necessary, I still found it very frustrating to get to the end of a book, a book which I truly enjoyed, only to find that the author forgot to let me know what happened to all the characters. In fact, you don't even get to know if the villains ever got their just deserts!!

           Despite the weakness of the ending, I'm still recommending this book. It was an enjoyable and non-taxing book to read, perfect for long trips or a nice lazy day when all you want to do is simply curl up and just read for fun. It also raises some interesting questions and it will give you some additional insights into the Laurie, Jack, and Lou triangle that pops up in many of Cook's novels. Overall, this is a great book. And if you're a Robin Cook fan, you'll not want to miss Chromosome 6.

Conclusion: Great !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endosulfan, a pesticide/suicide !

             Pesticides have always been an issue, there was the Bhopal gas leak,where methyl isocyanate an intermediate used in the production of carbide peticides, caused the death of more than 17000 people so far, and the effects are seen even today.This is a fact and a news well known, but there is a less known fact called endosulfan, a pesticide , banned in most of the countries, whilst used and manufactured extensively in India is said to have had caused serious effects like cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation, hydrocephalus etc, in people living in kasaragod district of kerala,135 people died as the result of its use.Endosulfan is banned in kerala, followed by karnataka and other states but the ban was revoked by the pesticide industry which scores a revenue of more than 4000 crores a year,in other states. In the Stockholm covention, April 2011, the use of endosulfan has been exempted for another 5 years in india.A 8 week ban has been ordered by the supreme court while a report about the potential effects on humans and environment is being submitted(a report gets submitted every year ). The use of endosulfan will not stop until the manufacturing is stopped and the manufacturing will not stop until the pesticide industries are banned from manufacturing it, and the politicians will not let a 'Stockholm convention' ban the manufacture and the revenue generated in their pockets... will they?????
            I dont know why am i writing this post in the first place,is it because i read an article similar to this or is it because i got my mouth burned by eating grapes that were so full of nude chemicals.?? i absolutely know that no one is going to read it, but even if a single person reads it and informs another person about this monster agrochemical, i would consider my time was worth spending.And if at all there is a farmer(read english?) somewhere who happens to read this article, here is a message " Please stop using endosulfan(other dangerous pesticides too) and start using natural pesticides" Oh lemme help!! here is a link to various natural pesticides.. i also happen to know that it is not very easy to just drop the use of agrochemicals and switch to natural pesticides in a fortnight but it is better late than never, cause your son or daughter could be the next victim just like the one below.

                                                        victims of Endosulfan

If you would like to contact/report/support the victims of this killer agrochemical, here is a link to their official website

PS: My family maintains a kitchen garden at home, and we produce a few vegetables for our own use with natural pesticides. i know it cant be applied for major farming,but a natural substitute is always better is my say..

Images :

I need a new heart... :D (photo log)

Ms.nosey posey 

        Theetchanya,is now 7 months old.. !! she is turning out to be super naughty and uber beautiful/cute/lovely/adorable.....  :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

village and city!

             I saw a Program called "Neeya Naana" on star vijay, last night. Its a debate/discussion kind of a thing!The topic was "village and city girls".I live in the outskirts of madurai, and i dont think there is anything intimidating about being a village girl, though i might not look like one, i am one , aint i ?? ;) How is a city girl distinguished from a village girl, and a village girl from a city girl?? Two sets of beautiful girls in colourful clothes, representing cities and villages were sitting on both sides,there were some interesting questions and answers from both sides, ... And it was really good to see them being friendly to each other, rather than letting their pride out in words and doing cock and bulls,and for the first time there was no negativity init :P The difference between the two, were their communication skills (only English!),way of styling themselves ,turmeric, jasmine,glass bangles,gokul sandal powder say the village girls and straightening, spa, extensions say the city girls! It was a cute show and i totally loved the character "vairamuthu" init, there was something very unique about her :D
            I enjoyed watching the show and thought i should share it with you guys, watch the show here if you want to...........

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Evening 13.5.2011

              Dad was invited to be the chief guest of the evening, by the Rotary club of madurai west at hotel fortune pandian.At first, when my dad asked me to go with him, i was a little apprehensive, somehow i knew i would be the only girl of my agegroup ,and i would have to run into retired software geniuses and retired IAS officers, who would come up with scare tactics and FAQS. Exhibit A.why do you call it computer SCIENCE ?? B. What is the acceleration of a vehicle that travels at 75 kms/hour?? C.Can you draw a circle with the formula of an arc??  (even though the answers are simple and so 8th grade, i get spooked when someone showcases their intelligence that instantly and evaluates my knowledge for no point).Hello !! I also thought, i might get lonely but .........
              I have never listened to my dad speak in a crowd before , i have only heard from people, that he is an awesome speaker .So i thought "why not ??" (Plus he said he will buy me a dinner at Bamboo Garden :P) Once we were there i met many retired young dudes, who were retired ISRO scientists and University heads and great business tycoons ( nomenclature an issue?? yes), and i made friends with them instantly, they were a breath of fresh air, a few did come up with FAQS,but i did well and won hearts, or did i ? :P Then came the moment i waited for, dad was going to speak. i was really excited, i dont know why..i took out my phone and recorded the whole half hour that he was on the dais( i cant upload them cause the videos are inverted, my bad :P ). I am not saying this cause he is my dad but he was really good.. When at home, we talk to each other about various issues, but i dont pay attention most of the time, may be because it comes from a known source. After listening to him talk to the crowd and seeing the response, i learnt that kids show extreme ignorance when parents/loved ones try to help by talking, but the same kids get inspired when told the same thing by an optimus prime.I felt ashamed of myself for not paying heed to the wikipedia, who happens to live with me. And it was shocking to learn that we share the same opinions, like "simplicity is underrated", "mankind in the name of growth is digging his own grave" and other environmental views.
             I had a chance to learn about the practice of conservation in Bhutan and them not entertaining tourists to increase the revenue, instead conserve the place and be happy. I also got to know about Carlos slim helu, the richest man in the world, who uses metros to commute and spends only $24000 a month."Thats a man" .. dont you think??. I somehow dont get inspired, seeing rich people but i do when they stay simple.Its easy to stay simple without money and its easy to thrift on trash if you are a walking ATM but its difficult to stay simple with alot of money..He also spoke about the difference between  the words growth and development, and how intelligence and knowledge has left out no space for wisdom in our brains.The lecture was an eye opener said many of the rotarians (i dont know if they lied but i felt their words were true :P ).
             I got a chance to know more about the most important person of my life, my hero. (My Dad is not allowed to read this post :P ) I am so blessed ( but that does not mean i will stop tripping on him :D)  and so are you for having good parents, be a little non biased for sometime, listen to what they have to say, you will know that they make alot more sense than any celebrity's psycho babble.

ciao abi... 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger booger x-(

         Blogger wasnt working the whole day, yesterday, which is not something i am happy about, i am so addicted to checking the stats and when i dont see how many visits have i had from the 'iphone' and the  'ipad', i get restless..
         Blogger has re-edited all the blogs to what they were at 11-5-2011, midnight, which is a total bummer cause i took some serious efforts in writing stuff on the recent "Photo log" post, now i see its all gone and also the comments received after 11-5-2011 , 12 Am is gone!!

PS: If you had commented on any of the posts and cant find it now, " I DID NOT DELETE IT" its the blogger monster..