Monday, January 24, 2011

YOUTUBE GURUS, the new domain ;)

Youtube gurus are people, who make various tutorial videos or vlogs (video logs) on youtube.vlogs for everything, from driving a car to changing a baby's diaper can be found on youtube. Not everyone on youtube gets to become a guru, so who is a guru?? A person with alot of patience, passion, knowledge, a mighty fan list, subbies (sub ordinates) and regular followers, who flood the site with colossal number of comments, feeds,likes ,despair and shitty swearing. So the ONE, who can create a real traffic, gets to be a guru.:P A guru also gets a monthly pay check from youtube, the figure in the pay check depends on the amount of videos posted, the number of fans following ,the demand and the MARKETING skills ofcourse. :P Now the number of videos sold (V) is directly proportional to the figure on the pay check ($$$).. :O woahhh...i know ryt :D

V   $$$

It just doesnt stop there, the gurus also accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorships, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. in short, you can fu**ing fill up your closet with "PRADA AND TORY BURCH " :D
There are fashion gurus, make up gurus, fitness guru, gadget gurus,food gurus, property gurus and even shopping gurus.:P They dont need to go to office everyday(that is if they make enough money awrdy, youtubing  :P), all that they gotta do is research, shop, have fun, rip the place out,travel, workout, dress up and pout for the videos!! :D  (well, they also gotta edit the videos, market it, increase the fan list, tolerate all the third party swearing, and wait for the pay check :( ) but let us be alil optimistic now.. :P
Tutorials on anything and everything are available, it makes life a lot easy! like the other day i wanted to know, how to make pasta sauce, i did not google the recipe instead  i "youtubed" the recipe. O-o.. gimme a sky high on that.. :D  (vlog on pasta sauce :P )

so thats how easy our lives are ,cause of these GOLDEN GURUS. :D   io vi saluto :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

difference between acrylics and oil paints..

let me start with oil paints, oil paints have been there for a very long time now, and they are oil based , so they dont dry fast,by adding turpentine and varnish ,the viscosity of the material can be altered to look glossier. it also lets them blend easily, and the colours look bright and shiny.oil paint films can become increasingly yellow and brittle with time and lose much of their flexibility in a few decades. there are no fluorescent colors in oil paints where as they are brighter relatively. oil paints are basically good for paintings, which does not involve too many mediums in it.that is if you want to use wall putty or egg shells to create a surface to build on, oil paints are not suitable. oil paints also tend to fade in color

. By showing shallow-lit texture, we demonstrate the individuality, the uniqueness of oil painting.

whereas acrylics are being used only for the past few decades, and they are water based, which lets them dry quick.Acrylic retarders can be used to slow the drying time, and too much of acrylic retarder might not let the paint dry at all, leaving them sticky all the time.Acrylic paints show more clear dispersions, letting us create patterns. but cause of the quick drying property, the blending should be done faster! acrylics are more staple and are also very elastic, which does not leave them cracking later.acrylics are good for mixed media, allowing the use of various other mediums like, ink, charcoal,chalk and pastels. various other mixing bodies like sand, eggshells, etc can be used on the acrylics, once they are dry. special acrylics are also available for face paintings and fabric paintings as well.

so, if you want your painting to be very bright ,glossy ,simple and definite, you should use oil paints, where as if you want to try new patterns , fluorescent colors and use mixed media, go for acrylics.!!

how to choose the colors? there are color cards available in all the stationary stores and they got a wide range of shades and pastels to choose from. choose all the basic colors and all the shades that you may not be comfortable mixing. if you go for acrylics, dont forget to get the fluorescent shades.camlin offers a set of 12 shades of tubes in acrylics(artist edition) for 350 bucks (INR)

Types and sizes of brushes: get a set of flat brushes from size 1-12 and a wide flat brush (the awe-so huge one :P) and also the round brushes from size 1-5 may be.. (well, i dont use them at all :P)

how to choose the canvas? primed canvases are readily available in a lot of different sizes and varieties.
you get a set of 10 canvases like a notepad. and when you ask for the canvas make sure , you mention that you want the thick canvas (the cloth) and not the canvas equivalents with gesso on them.. :P(it happened 2 me once ) and let them show you all the different sizes of canvas they got, so that you have a choice.
stretched canvas are also available in different sizes, they are quite expensive though, like 250 bucks(INR).

Always go for acrylics or oil paints in tubes, cos you can just pump out the minimum amount of paint that you want and you can also avoid mixing up of colors that happens when you use paints in bottles and the paints in tubes do not dry fast.
get yourself a meter scale , might come handy, when you try cubism and other geometric blah bla.. !!
also get a decent mixing palette, which is easy to clean the dried paint off, from it..!
you might wanna wash off the brushes as soon as you finish using them, cause the acrylics are not soluable in water once they are dry, and they might stick to the brush, and the sticky brush can not be used later...
always keep some blotting paper or a piece of cloth and some new papers around ,to clean the brushes and to keep the place clean.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

stretching and priming the canvas..

I keep getting asked on how to start with canvas painting.. well, the starting part of it is the toughest, once you go past that, trust me, ts ridiculously easy.. :P

1)How to stretch a canvas?? you will need "four stretchers", "staple guns" or "nails" and 'hammer'..
you better stretch them before painting cause later its going to be difficult, really difficult.. :P
just lay the canvas on the floor, put the wooden stretcher on top, fold the canvas on any side covering the frame, and staple it (multiple staples) , do the same on all the four sides. make sure the canvas sits tight on the frame. it is not as simple as it sounds and take care of yourself while using the staple gun, trust me!! shorty is a killer :P

2)How to prime a canvas?? inorder to prime a canvas, you will need "gesso"," wide brush/ a huge cement spatula" "sand paper", and of course a "canvas" :P
shake that shit(gesso :P)well before using. decide on how many coats of it, you want to apply. A single coat of gesso would give you a rough surface and if you want it rough, go for the gesso as it comes in the bottle. but if you want it smoother, then you should go for multiple coats of it, after diluting it with half acrylic gloss medium and half water medium.
Use an old wide brush or the knife like thing that is always used to apply cement on the wall :P i dont know what is it called.. :P i call it "the cement spatula" :-S whatever !! use it to apply adequate amount of gesso on the canvas, covering every bit, then let it dry, and when its completely dry, smoothen it with a sand paper... And you will exactly know when to stop "sand paper-ing" it :P 
note: its always easier to prime a stretched canvas..

once the stretching and priming is done, taaa daaaaaaa,, you are ready to play wild and go bonkers with colors init.:D thats awesome ryt..?? i know :D

P.S all the stretching and the priming bullshit can be avoided by buying readily made stretched and primed canvas.But its always better to know the procedure and  it is also less expensive and you dont always get the exact size of canvas you are, Big deal.. JUST LEARN IT.. i say.. ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the start of PAINTING..

 I was in class 4 or 5, when i started painting. well, i remember drawing even before. i just used to keep scribbling all the time and on everything, including the non scratch free refrigerator and walls.. :P oh, my intension was not to bring distress to my mother but i thought she would go through a lil eustress.! uhh, i was really wrong.:( i remember my art teacher really well. there were days when i thought, he was a homo universalis because, he could paint, draw, craft, graft, crack jokes,and keep us awake in class. :P He kept yelling in to our ears " margin line or border line/ border line or margin line" lol. i dont remember anything else happening in class.i used to have art classes every week.later it was only during competitions that i took real interest in it.i also drew and sketched  the night before exams.. ohh yeah!! ;) somehow the painting padalam faded and came to a halt one fine day.
the fine day was the day, high school halted and i went to university. i somehow got lost in the crowd, had more important stuff like bitching and whining to do. i wasnt very happy with my engineering course, so that brought in agony and i got totally out of shape. All that mattered alot dint even exist any more. As a curious kid, i was so totally curious about all the wrong things. i clearly did not know what i wanted. Now thats called a lost cattle..:P

Then came the final year of uni, one of my frnds asked me what am i interested in.. hmmmm.. i did not have an answer to that, dude,not even a wrong answer. :P the person rephrased the question to "what am i passionate about"..  i really did not know what to say. but i had an answer and it was "SHOPPING along with LOL" (i swear i said that) :P trust me it is called the cavitation effect. :P then came a series of questions like bullets, that killed my pride and ego .it formed a deeper cavity on my little left self esteem.. :( but as the questions were shot, i kind of found an answer and that was "sketching ,painting, designing, playing with colors,reading and lots more " (how lost can that be!!! O_o) and thanks to the "quick gun murugan" for all the great shots.. :P

and then uni got over and here i was at home, happily painting. Now i doubt if i got obsessive compulsive disorder, cause i just cant get ,off it.. :P
AM ON A PAINTING SPREE .. :D yaaayyy!!!