Sunday, January 16, 2011

the start of PAINTING..

 I was in class 4 or 5, when i started painting. well, i remember drawing even before. i just used to keep scribbling all the time and on everything, including the non scratch free refrigerator and walls.. :P oh, my intension was not to bring distress to my mother but i thought she would go through a lil eustress.! uhh, i was really wrong.:( i remember my art teacher really well. there were days when i thought, he was a homo universalis because, he could paint, draw, craft, graft, crack jokes,and keep us awake in class. :P He kept yelling in to our ears " margin line or border line/ border line or margin line" lol. i dont remember anything else happening in class.i used to have art classes every week.later it was only during competitions that i took real interest in it.i also drew and sketched  the night before exams.. ohh yeah!! ;) somehow the painting padalam faded and came to a halt one fine day.
the fine day was the day, high school halted and i went to university. i somehow got lost in the crowd, had more important stuff like bitching and whining to do. i wasnt very happy with my engineering course, so that brought in agony and i got totally out of shape. All that mattered alot dint even exist any more. As a curious kid, i was so totally curious about all the wrong things. i clearly did not know what i wanted. Now thats called a lost cattle..:P

Then came the final year of uni, one of my frnds asked me what am i interested in.. hmmmm.. i did not have an answer to that, dude,not even a wrong answer. :P the person rephrased the question to "what am i passionate about"..  i really did not know what to say. but i had an answer and it was "SHOPPING along with LOL" (i swear i said that) :P trust me it is called the cavitation effect. :P then came a series of questions like bullets, that killed my pride and ego .it formed a deeper cavity on my little left self esteem.. :( but as the questions were shot, i kind of found an answer and that was "sketching ,painting, designing, playing with colors,reading and lots more " (how lost can that be!!! O_o) and thanks to the "quick gun murugan" for all the great shots.. :P

and then uni got over and here i was at home, happily painting. Now i doubt if i got obsessive compulsive disorder, cause i just cant get ,off it.. :P
AM ON A PAINTING SPREE .. :D yaaayyy!!!


meredith said...

cavity . lol

Mohit said...

nice.... Is this d start of BLOGGING? :)
Gud that u found out ur passion... Makes me think abt mine! Gud luck wid d brushes!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

So good that you continued doing what you like doing apart from shopping thou ;) Love all ur paintings and waiting to see a lot more of them :)

sabani312 said...

Nice writing. btw which art teacher were u tokin abt...?Have u uploaded the pics of ya paintings?

ABI said...

@edith: ;) ;)
@bholu: ha ha.. thank you..!!gud luck with finding t out soon.. :D

ABI said...

@shals: oh yeah !!! thank you so much.. and they'll keep coming 4 sure :D

ABI said...

@sabani: thank you :D u myt not be knowing him!! and i don remember his name either.. :P and ya.. !! i hv put t up on fb. :P

akhil said...

nice blog.. why doncha start vlogging too? :P
am online now.