Wednesday, January 19, 2011

stretching and priming the canvas..

I keep getting asked on how to start with canvas painting.. well, the starting part of it is the toughest, once you go past that, trust me, ts ridiculously easy.. :P

1)How to stretch a canvas?? you will need "four stretchers", "staple guns" or "nails" and 'hammer'..
you better stretch them before painting cause later its going to be difficult, really difficult.. :P
just lay the canvas on the floor, put the wooden stretcher on top, fold the canvas on any side covering the frame, and staple it (multiple staples) , do the same on all the four sides. make sure the canvas sits tight on the frame. it is not as simple as it sounds and take care of yourself while using the staple gun, trust me!! shorty is a killer :P

2)How to prime a canvas?? inorder to prime a canvas, you will need "gesso"," wide brush/ a huge cement spatula" "sand paper", and of course a "canvas" :P
shake that shit(gesso :P)well before using. decide on how many coats of it, you want to apply. A single coat of gesso would give you a rough surface and if you want it rough, go for the gesso as it comes in the bottle. but if you want it smoother, then you should go for multiple coats of it, after diluting it with half acrylic gloss medium and half water medium.
Use an old wide brush or the knife like thing that is always used to apply cement on the wall :P i dont know what is it called.. :P i call it "the cement spatula" :-S whatever !! use it to apply adequate amount of gesso on the canvas, covering every bit, then let it dry, and when its completely dry, smoothen it with a sand paper... And you will exactly know when to stop "sand paper-ing" it :P 
note: its always easier to prime a stretched canvas..

once the stretching and priming is done, taaa daaaaaaa,, you are ready to play wild and go bonkers with colors init.:D thats awesome ryt..?? i know :D

P.S all the stretching and the priming bullshit can be avoided by buying readily made stretched and primed canvas.But its always better to know the procedure and  it is also less expensive and you dont always get the exact size of canvas you are, Big deal.. JUST LEARN IT.. i say.. ;)


rituparna said...

abhi thanks a lot for the am too nervous to take the first step...

ABI said...

dont worry huny.. i'll come and do it for u.. :D wat am i here for.. :P

anusha dhayanidhi said...

Now,you are good at writing too, god you are making me jealous.:D
am waiting forever for your next blog abi, give it to me soon! and i love all your paintings. call me sometime. ok?

ABI said...

awww. thank you anu!! means alot to me.. :D ya!! i sure will..cos am bored here.. :P