Monday, January 24, 2011

YOUTUBE GURUS, the new domain ;)

Youtube gurus are people, who make various tutorial videos or vlogs (video logs) on youtube.vlogs for everything, from driving a car to changing a baby's diaper can be found on youtube. Not everyone on youtube gets to become a guru, so who is a guru?? A person with alot of patience, passion, knowledge, a mighty fan list, subbies (sub ordinates) and regular followers, who flood the site with colossal number of comments, feeds,likes ,despair and shitty swearing. So the ONE, who can create a real traffic, gets to be a guru.:P A guru also gets a monthly pay check from youtube, the figure in the pay check depends on the amount of videos posted, the number of fans following ,the demand and the MARKETING skills ofcourse. :P Now the number of videos sold (V) is directly proportional to the figure on the pay check ($$$).. :O woahhh...i know ryt :D

V   $$$

It just doesnt stop there, the gurus also accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorships, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. in short, you can fu**ing fill up your closet with "PRADA AND TORY BURCH " :D
There are fashion gurus, make up gurus, fitness guru, gadget gurus,food gurus, property gurus and even shopping gurus.:P They dont need to go to office everyday(that is if they make enough money awrdy, youtubing  :P), all that they gotta do is research, shop, have fun, rip the place out,travel, workout, dress up and pout for the videos!! :D  (well, they also gotta edit the videos, market it, increase the fan list, tolerate all the third party swearing, and wait for the pay check :( ) but let us be alil optimistic now.. :P
Tutorials on anything and everything are available, it makes life a lot easy! like the other day i wanted to know, how to make pasta sauce, i did not google the recipe instead  i "youtubed" the recipe. O-o.. gimme a sky high on that.. :D  (vlog on pasta sauce :P )

so thats how easy our lives are ,cause of these GOLDEN GURUS. :D   io vi saluto :D