Sunday, February 27, 2011

A book,A week # 1 "The last Testament- Sam Bourne"

                                   Sam Bourne, also known as Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland, had a huge and unexpected hit with his first novel, The Righteous Men.:P Its hugeness was surprising in itself, for it was not universally admired by critics, and it emerged on the coat-tails of the crowded Dan Brown-clone phase of international publishing, where every other book on the shelves was fat and mysterious, with ancient stuff laid bare.:P Plane journeys whizzed by on this pulp, and 2,000 years of biblical scholarship shielded its eyes.
                                   Easy to snort, of course, but here it is in the promotional blurb - Bourne was translated into 28 languages,  and it would take both a righteous and a foolish man to change a winning formula in pursuit of literary respectability.:P So The Last Testament, which has gone straight to bargain paperback and has every intention of matching the success of its predecessor, is written just like the film script it soon hopes to be. Solidly researched, unpretentious and immensely diverting it is also shallow, formulaic and far-fetched. Written with self-belief and gusto, it is a pacy read, constructed with a crisp control of tension and narrative drive. Bourne has studied enough of these things to get the form right - that annoying and flattering trick of keeping the reader occasionally behind and then ahead of the story, the compelling kick at chapters' close, the taut interlock of strands as the novel develops. It's the sort of book many people who write fiction think they could have written but couldn't be bothered or wouldn't have done so well; it adds little to our interpretation of the world, but it's a pleasant enough way to pass the time; 98 per cent of your brain can do other things while you read it, such as cast it - Kate Winslet in the lead role, a sweating Nicolas Cage somewhere in the depths.:P
                                   The plot, which moves back and forth between 2003 and the almost-present, and between Washington DC, London and the Middle East, concerns the quest for and meaning of an old stone tablet that may or may not reveal the solution to the clash of civilisations. The quest is led by Maggie Costello, a vaguely discontented marriage-guidance counsellor living in Washington with a dull husband and a big secret. In her former life as a mediator in international affairs, she made a terrible but unexplained error, but now the CIA has come calling with a way to save her reputation. A simple task: rescue the failing peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians amid a stew of extremism and land grabs.
                                   People immediately start dying around her, all of them historians and archaeologists who know too much, and Costello's task widens as she becomes a detective, one step ahead of the Americans, who like to believe they're masterminding events beyond their control.
                                   Bourne hasn't had to look far for his research - it's all there in the papers every morning with Hamas and the crumbling Middle East peace talks - but real-life situations aren't enough for the conspiratorial beachbuster. So some of his key plot turns are preposterous, not least a foray into the virtual computer world of Second Life. The italicised opening of each chapter with a date and exact time (Washington, Sunday, 10.43am) smacks of parody, reminiscent of that terrible film cliche of a typewriter battering out a location on the screen.(very predictable :-S) The repeated play on people's names - anagrams, translations - is pure sub-Da Vinci, although I did like the mad nod to Richard and Judy by using their initials to signify 'Refugees and Jerusalem'.
                                  Costello is the only character who breathes off the page. I would have liked to have seen more of crooked London antiques dealer Henry Blyth-Pullen, and a little more humour in the dialogue would have elevated the scenes from the humdrum. The ending is soft, not-so-hilarious and unsatisfying, and predictably so; Bourne has mastered the form, but ultimately has little to reveal. The message, such as it is, appears to be "love thy neighbour"(really??? oh yeah.. uhh :( ). A not-so-bad summer fodder, as opposed to The Da Vinci Code which I felt was poorly written, badly plotted and was extremely overhyped. So, overall, a good holiday page turner, but not too taxing on the brain.  I'm not sorry to have read it, but I'm relieved I won't now have to sit through the movie. :P

stars : *** (3)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

my paintings - 2

                I have uploaded a few of my recent paintings. I still got more of them, will be putting them up shortly. And these are the unedited version, the real painting is alot brighter than the images seen here. i usually edit them before uploading, i dint this time. i hope u guys still like it.. :P Shot using a sony cybershot DSC-S930, 10.1 megapixel.( NOT GOOD ENOUGH  x-( )
               catchya tomorrow.. cya.. :D peace

Friday, February 25, 2011


                  I have been suffering from first degree boredom lately. Having nothing to do is driving me crazy. So, am gonna be on a reading and writing spree for the next few weeks. I found a book of Sam Bourne this evening , "THE LAST TESTAMENT" a paperback back 2007, Harper collins publication and a product of thomson press.Going to be writing reviews on books for the next month in my future posts, starting with "The last testament". The reviews are gonna be titled 'A book, A week #'.
                  catch you guys on sunday with a review on " The last testament"
                  have a fun filled weekend..and ciao for now :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

List of things to do, before 2012.. Nostradamus is a witch who wont lemme live in peace :(

                I read that the mayan writing has been substantially deciphered , but i doubt if it was even ,properly ciphered.. :P well, i wouldnt mind living very very very VerY happy for another 60 years.. Should i sew NOSTRADAMUS or Ronald emmerich for causing mental agony?? hmmm.. its not that i believe init..and am like ubercool about it .. duh! its just that i had to watch this goddamn movie on new years.. :-S :P i dont believe in survival but only living life with love and passion.Now, lemme get on with the list..

        * more painting techniques
        * swimming
        * surfing (after swimming :P)
        * baking
        * german/spanish/ more of japanese (kanji)
        * guitar :D
 2) THINGS TO DO:       
       * write a book
       * sell all my paintings
       * grow a plant
       * help kannamma project with money earned from the paintings
       * watch '127 hours' on big screen.
       * adopt a dog
       * peep into the playboy suite in the palms, las vegas :P i dont wanna stay there,  and waste $ 40000 on a stupid rotating bed, i just wanna peep in to it..

bora bora, france

      * visit the following places
             - Turkey
             - Bora Bora (france)
             - cape town
             - total south africa :P
             - Ashburn virginia
             - dead sea ( i dont hv to know swimming to float right??) :P
             - Antwerp
             - kamakhya temple, assam( i heard ts always too crowded,should
   probabaly stop ,with visiting it on wikimapia i guess) :P
             - croatia
             - honolulu, waikiki beach (hawai)
             - katchatheevu
             - lonavala
             - Ajanta
             - florence
             - chateau versailles   
             - Drottingholm Palace                                 
             - Gripsholm Castle
             - Stockholm Archipelago
             - great barrier reef
             - bali   
             - Graz, Austria
             - Aarhus
             - caicos islands,
             - the bahamas
             - barbados
             - trinidad
             - Cozumal,cancun,tulum and the whole of mexico
               (shud marry a local there, who  probably owns a restaurant/cafe :P)
             - Puerto rico
             - udaipur palace
             - and the rest of heaven :P i got an ever living checklist :(

    * chen shu chu  ( i really wanna see how this real saint lives)
    * nobody else......

                                 This is my fantasy list, and all this cant happen in a years time, let planet earth survive 2012 and prove Nostradamus and the mayans wrong ,so that i could go surfing in bali in 2013 and learn swimming well before that.. :P :P

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A recent visit to Theni and getting to become friends with TRISHA.. it was all 'WOW'

                          I had been wanting to meet my grand parents and relatives at theni, for a very long time.The last time i was there, i couldn socialise quite well, for i was in an anti-social phase then.:P (not really) .. So, when my grand dad (Mr.R) visited my place last thursday, i couldnt resist but leave with him to my HOMETOWN.:) He is kinda crazy about cars, and his new mistress is a brand new, white, Toyota fortuner . Am a sedan girl, SUVs and landcruisers,, Uh Uh, strictly not my type.. but guess wut?? I am immensely amazed by the gargantuan.He has got other SUVs ,but this beauty stands out. The wheels,could literally reach my hips with a little effort and the bonnet reaches my shoulders without even trying hard.:P The seats are so comfy and neither did i feel nor could i see the extremely screwed roads.. And the car has two different gears, the normal gear and another gear for desert safari rides, which is useless..cause i donot know any existing deserts in the proximity, but cant it be used in beaches?? maybe or may be not, i got no idea..


                              we reached home in less than an hour. Grand mom and i spoke for a while, a little later i went for a stroll. Oh my ! The place has changed so much. I went on randomly clicking everything on my way, like flowers, pretty bunglows , anything and everything that was bright and catchy :P

                         The highlight of the visit, was my becoming friends with Ms.Trisha.. :D Not the actor trisha (ha ha ha gotcha) but my grand dad's dangerous german shepherd that has bitten 40 people including 4 from our family :P I had been friends with her when she was a baby/ puppy (my Gdad gets offended when someone calls her a dog :-S), but i thought she wouldnt remember me, yet she did :D The dog walker and i took her walking at night and she licked me all over, thank god she dint leave me with a hikky :P (it was kinda scary though cause she usually rips out a few kilograms of flesh, if anyone new tries entering the house :P) awww.. she is a sweet heart, i know right.. :P

beauty aka the beast :P

                         My other granddad, Mr.P got really excited that i was going to be there for a couple of days, so he took the freedom of feeding me royally with alot of delicacies, he was trying hard to make me put on some weight by feeding..(well ,sadly that does not just happen Gdaddy, i have a high metabolic rate, and i dont put on weight how much ever i eat.. my bad :( ) And living with congressmen has its plus obviously,i was treated like twice the princess that i usually am ;) Everything is free for the family, bilqul mufth mufth mufth jaisa.. :P (but i should also say that Mr.P makes sure they all get paid somehow )
                         My Brother Mr.T got back home from the hospital at 10pm.( he, Mr.R and Mrs.T are all Doctors, not patients eh) He wanted to take me for a movie. ( A decade back when we were all kids, we always went to cinemas and go on picnics everytime.! Damn.. i wish we were all still kids,, :(  ) My bro called up someone and got the box totally cleared at the cinema, so that, we could watch the movie in peace. :P but a little later, we found that the movie is lousy, so we just watched some random shit at home, i was fast asleep only a quarter hour later .. lol ..My bro hates me..( kidding) :P The next day, my bro took me to the hospital( i hadnt seen it all after the renovation) and we went for a drive in the evening, to theerthathotti. Mr.T took exactly 8 mins to reach theerthathotti from theni. He literally flew us there and i couldn even feel the speed.. waaaat? yeah! Fortuner is a killer.. tight stuff i tell you.. :) I visited my uncles house later last evening and got back home to eat "ayrameen curry"(its been like forever since i had them last)  :D Me and bro watched "Yutham Sei" the most annoying movie of all ages, worse than 10000 BC. trust me!! I woke up this morning, my dad picked me up and i am home already..:-S PERIOD

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aadukalam, an experience in itself..

                    Like i said earlier, am not much of a movie buff, i cant sit in cinemas for 3 long hours to watch a MOVIE, i get really very restless or i doze off during song/action sequences. I prefer watching tamil movies at home, with a super sensitive remote that let the songs fly like they are on superjets or on timetravel.It does not mean that i dont like songs. i simply love to listen to good songs, rather than watching a dark,fat monkey along with a fair fat lady dance for it.I lost the respect for tamil movies after watching quite a few of "V's" (its the 'YOU KNOW WHO" of tamil cinemas, the dark lord himself.. oh no.. its not voldemort, he is still a kid :P ) pathetic and lamentable movies. But in recent times, my views are fast changing. My north indian friends always made fun of tamil movies with me leading them, but in the recent past,a few of the same,actually appreciate the theme,the quality and the originality of a few tamil movies.There are big banners producing larger than life cinemas, with megastars cast init and there are also low budget cinemas, with newcomers in them creating a magic that even stars fail to do..  The one movie that made me sit through it, is the recent Dhanush starrer "AADUKALAM"
                      Am not sure if it hit the bull's eyes but it surely hit mine.. :P I dont enjoy violent tamil movies, where people slash each other with daggers and plunge sharp objects in ones eyes, i prefer guns instead. :P But AADUKALAM is an exception, i could feel the movie every single minute.The madurai tamil dialect and the script written for the movie, literally "vodoo'ed " me and kept me all along. :P I never thought rooster fights can get me glued to the screen for 20 straight minutes.I wish i get to watch a rooster fight once in real.The storyline is very simple, yet plays true and is quite promising. Love turns into Jealousy and foe, and misleads the most beloved into nursing animosity. This happens in everyone's life, only the degree of the effect is low or different :P Tapasee suits the role of Irene, and has done justice to the character. Jayabalan as pettaikaran couldnt have got any better, proved his craft to the cosmos.
                      OMG, the music is phenominal, GV Prakash DID IT yet another time after veyil. 'Yathe Yathe' song gives me earworms every single time, i accidently hear it somewhere. And 'Porkallam' song is a total bomb.. ouch.. its hot.. !! :P 'Otha sollaala' gets me dazed and makes me go into trance.. :)
                      Overall its a perfect concoction of bliss,art,technicality, power,emotion and emoticons. :P I dint slip into oblivion, even a lil bit. I am illegitimately obsessed and in love with this movie. RESPECTS YO!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my paintings..

oh yeah!!!.. it suddenly dawned on me, that i havent uploaded any pictures of my paintings yet.. am such a dumbo.. i know right :P and the real paintings are not as bright as it appears on these images, i hv edited them a lil bit cause they are quite dull actually.. hope y'all like them..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A day with the lady, who designed the new "Puzhal jail"..

             January 30th 2011, Gandhiji's death anniversary, and a day of silent prayers, and speeches at the G ashram. I woke up at around 8 AM, realizing the fact that am Lazy(everyday realization though :P), and i need to be at the ashram before 9.. My dad is ready to leave, i tell him that i am going with him too.. i get      ready in a hurry and we leave. It takes about 20 minutes from my place,to reach the ashram. We went to the prayer hall directly and we were still late by 10 minutes.

              The prayer hall was filled with kids from high school, the teachers , the nalandaway volunteers, my uncle (Dr.R.V), dad and there was a lady in a blue saree, who i had never seen before. She was slim, tiny and did not look her age, she looked much younger than her actual age.I was expecting my uncle to introduce her, but he was buzy instructing the teachers and kids about the silent rally. Every year, kids from the ashram ,accompanied by teachers go on a silent rally around the town, expressing themselves on placards. Oh oh.. now Lets get back to the lady in blue. I got real curious to know who she was, but then i got introduced to another sweet,smart girl,Ms. Ramya who works with nalandaway. we were talking for a bit  and then i had to go visit my grand dad's samadhi (it is like a ritual, evertime any of us visit the ashram, we also visit the samadhi)

The samadhi of the founder of the ashram

 I joined the nalandaway team later, the day's events were all about goal setting and working towards it. Those naughty little brats were making my day impossible, "silly questioning" me like 'why abi akka wears a huge watch??' and they also happened to have answers to it, like "cause shez scared that she might fly" and lots more of the same sort.. ridiculing me over and over again.. but t was fun...  :D

The renovated Puzhal central prison
front view of the puzhal central prison chennai
Olympia tech park at kathipara
mofussil bus terminus chennai
                   OH no.. !!now lets get back to the lady in blue.. :P I was busy playing with the kids when my uncle , my dad and the lady in blue walked up to me. Finally, we got introduced and she was Mrs.Roopmathy Anand, archietect and co founder of Rajendran associates, chennai. People call her the lady who designed the new "puzhal jail" ( central prison complex) :P thats because she did design it.. but she seems to get intimidated everytime anyone says that.:P

she defends herself with various other famous projects that she has designed like the olympia tech park at kathipara (the largest green tech park in the state), the mofussil bus terminal,the police academy, metro stations, semmozhi park near anna flyover, the makeover of the marina beach (we thank you lady :) ) and lots more. she also puts in alot of effort to renovate temples all over the state. She is a very simple woman with alot of opinion, strength,questions and wisdom. We spoke for .. hmm.. let me guess... i dunno for how many hours.. :P she kept questioning, about the history of the ashram (thank god ,for am good at it :P) , rural development and functioning, farming, consumerism (i know what u guys r thinking, the later questions were to my dad and uncle),politics, green revolution. Sometimes i found her questions silly but sweet, cause not everyone with influence or power will ever want to listen to someone else's say. she idolises Dr.R.V, inspite of her busy schedule, she visited the ashram and has agreed to design a few buildings for the institution. She has worked with both the ruling party and the opposing party. she shared alot of her bitter and sweet experiences with both the governments and all the drama that happens when there is a change in government and how it affects her work. She speaks politics, movies,fashion,art and what not??. Usually i get bored when someone keeps talking but i sure wasnt this time.It was such a pleasure meeting her.. She told me alot about VASTU. i gape at the selfess purity of agape.. :P ( i am not very spiritual or even close to religious or superstitious,,,  but i find it all interesting :P) and the day went on just discussing/debating over issues like how the third world war is going to be over food and how we indians see agriculture through alien eyes..and how the public(that is us) are patners of the 2G scam and on and on.. ;) It was time for me to say aloha and leave but i offered her a ride to the airport so that i could learn some business :P
the semmozhi poonga at night
semmozhi park near anna fly over

NOTE: I know what you all must be thinking now, that i should be bagging the world's most weirdest girl award.. :P and that its not me... well whatever you say.. NO denial :P I am changing for good.. that is it.. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bollywooood.... is the indian fashion week/WEAK..

    The indian fashion week is weak and is in need of an aglet to get through the other side.!The indian fashion industry can not go past bridal couture, heavy jewelry, swaroskis, 30 kg - 20 lakhs lehengas and diamond,emerald,ruby studded armour, for how many decades?? Oh let me think, its since, the rani of india decided to sleep in her 50kg night dress, and for the rest of the days to come.Now this is what is called fahion fatigue! and it gets worse with bollywooood stars hijacking the fashion planet.well, i guess it is just a trick to deviate the page3 reporters, from noticing the same old copper sequins,crepe silk and mica highlights. The stars steal the show, their claques make it a success,when the work is barely worth anything but a heavy price tag made of silver. A very few brave designers resist themselves from hiring a " B world diva" just to get snubbed by the pathetic gunslinger paparazzi, who are nothing but fashion errors.
   We get to see our proud Indian designers flaunting their bottega venetta and louis vouitton to gain recognition and attention. Oh after all, the food we eat, the politicians ruling , the culture we practise are filtered with a sieve called BOLLYWOOD. The bollywood bhais are the showstoppers of our desi lives.And the fashion houses are anyway empty , other than a few customers who get custom made velvet , embroided suites with pearls and bling on them. Fashion weeks are not for store buyers or for business later and there is hardly any international clientele unless there is an indian fest happening on an alien ground.But there are designer knockoffs , that weigh less and scored on paper price tags available at lajpat nagar and daadar .Our indian fashion gurus are parasites stuck on bollywood stars and their fashionista starwives, who are all proud owners of home decors, but how?? oh yeah ! they got a very intelligent team of deisgners from NID working for them  !! That is why they are called star wives remember??.the indian fashion week does not have a fashion front anymore but all that it has is bollywooood bigheads.There is no recognition for real talent but alot for drama.Being condescending about the very rich but self concious Fashionista got no place in fashion and fashion shows in India. Thank god for them else Manish Malhotra ,Varun Behl and Kallol Datta would never actually sell anything.And the designers are all about designing wacky tacky heavy clothes for movies that are not very wearable by everyone.. The Tarun Tahiliani's boutique in W.Bandra has probably no customers other than a few celebrities, and starwives. I found a few drapes,good and exactly similar to that from fabindia but the difference was the silver pricetag , with a mundane, crazy figure on it..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

change is good..

All dat v keep doing is bickering and whining over all d BADSTUFF dat politicians, wealthy people, government employees, and evryone wid POWER do to us,, d sad truth is dat, ts hard 2 change it,until and unless luxury is underrated and simlpicity is overrated. , but certain things r in our hands, waiting 2 b changed. but we don wanna work on it, cos sitting in an airconditioned room, getting our monthly paychecks, boozing the weekends out, and complaining over stuff is easier. ( i know most of u wont agree,, but ... ) do we even have the right 2 talk about them, cos we dont wanna take responsibilities,  v jus wanna run away 2 anodr country, tell people how much v miss home !!SAD...but we dont hv 2 open NGO's and sacrifice our lives for the society,, all dat v have 2 do is b of a lil help by contributing a lil tym or money in a cause dat v believe in..  i personally believe in dis foundation called nalandaway, where distressed kids r helped out through visual arts, theatre, events, music and fun! they r also on a project called "kannama" which helps female chidren, who hv been victims of various atrocities and social injustice like ofcourse u know wut ..

the organization was found by the world's most modest man ever,says my dad and dats sriram v iyer 4 u, (excuse me sriram, i had to :P) he was earning quite a lot of money working in one of the leading companies, later he became an entrepreneur, den he started d organization nalandaway, only to realise dat he needs 2 jeopardize his career for the cause that he believed in, so he did. from then on there is no looking back. he works wid nalandaway throughout the year !! and he has also got wonderfull people working and helping him out wid it, the crazy part is dat dey r all youngsters.. i met a few of them  soori, pavel, and ramya.. they r just  sure about wut they r doing..!!  they had come down to the ashram, they helped a few kids (about 30) wid their low self confidence, distress and laziness.. all the money a kid needs is 3000 bucks for a YEAR, d cost of a pair of shoes that v wear.. !! we dont have 2 spare our career 2 help them out, but v can ofcourse spare an auto ride, save 150 bucks using a bus and helpin a kid outta distress, is al that is needed..  i know ts tough but i believe it will bring about a huge change in their lives.. jus spare some tym, and volunteer or spare as much as 100 or 200 bucks a month 2 help a child in need... if dis article, by any chance has u affected
do visit the website below.. and let us  be of some gud.. a good deed like dis might bring shitloads of happiness ,than that of driving a roadster, trust me  :P

wid very high hopes ,, abi

note: i know dat my language is not gud enuff here and der cud b alot of typos... :P, but i hope i got my point across :P and am relli sorry if i had been too strong ,, anytym.. :P apologies