Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aadukalam, an experience in itself..

                    Like i said earlier, am not much of a movie buff, i cant sit in cinemas for 3 long hours to watch a MOVIE, i get really very restless or i doze off during song/action sequences. I prefer watching tamil movies at home, with a super sensitive remote that let the songs fly like they are on superjets or on timetravel.It does not mean that i dont like songs. i simply love to listen to good songs, rather than watching a dark,fat monkey along with a fair fat lady dance for it.I lost the respect for tamil movies after watching quite a few of "V's" (its the 'YOU KNOW WHO" of tamil cinemas, the dark lord himself.. oh no.. its not voldemort, he is still a kid :P ) pathetic and lamentable movies. But in recent times, my views are fast changing. My north indian friends always made fun of tamil movies with me leading them, but in the recent past,a few of the same,actually appreciate the theme,the quality and the originality of a few tamil movies.There are big banners producing larger than life cinemas, with megastars cast init and there are also low budget cinemas, with newcomers in them creating a magic that even stars fail to do..  The one movie that made me sit through it, is the recent Dhanush starrer "AADUKALAM"
                      Am not sure if it hit the bull's eyes but it surely hit mine.. :P I dont enjoy violent tamil movies, where people slash each other with daggers and plunge sharp objects in ones eyes, i prefer guns instead. :P But AADUKALAM is an exception, i could feel the movie every single minute.The madurai tamil dialect and the script written for the movie, literally "vodoo'ed " me and kept me all along. :P I never thought rooster fights can get me glued to the screen for 20 straight minutes.I wish i get to watch a rooster fight once in real.The storyline is very simple, yet plays true and is quite promising. Love turns into Jealousy and foe, and misleads the most beloved into nursing animosity. This happens in everyone's life, only the degree of the effect is low or different :P Tapasee suits the role of Irene, and has done justice to the character. Jayabalan as pettaikaran couldnt have got any better, proved his craft to the cosmos.
                      OMG, the music is phenominal, GV Prakash DID IT yet another time after veyil. 'Yathe Yathe' song gives me earworms every single time, i accidently hear it somewhere. And 'Porkallam' song is a total bomb.. ouch.. its hot.. !! :P 'Otha sollaala' gets me dazed and makes me go into trance.. :)
                      Overall its a perfect concoction of bliss,art,technicality, power,emotion and emoticons. :P I dint slip into oblivion, even a lil bit. I am illegitimately obsessed and in love with this movie. RESPECTS YO!!


divya said...

i am equally in love, with the movie.
the blog is great dear!!

ABI said...

thanks divs :D
read my blog on valentines day.. its dedicated to u.. :P