Thursday, February 3, 2011

change is good..

All dat v keep doing is bickering and whining over all d BADSTUFF dat politicians, wealthy people, government employees, and evryone wid POWER do to us,, d sad truth is dat, ts hard 2 change it,until and unless luxury is underrated and simlpicity is overrated. , but certain things r in our hands, waiting 2 b changed. but we don wanna work on it, cos sitting in an airconditioned room, getting our monthly paychecks, boozing the weekends out, and complaining over stuff is easier. ( i know most of u wont agree,, but ... ) do we even have the right 2 talk about them, cos we dont wanna take responsibilities,  v jus wanna run away 2 anodr country, tell people how much v miss home !!SAD...but we dont hv 2 open NGO's and sacrifice our lives for the society,, all dat v have 2 do is b of a lil help by contributing a lil tym or money in a cause dat v believe in..  i personally believe in dis foundation called nalandaway, where distressed kids r helped out through visual arts, theatre, events, music and fun! they r also on a project called "kannama" which helps female chidren, who hv been victims of various atrocities and social injustice like ofcourse u know wut ..

the organization was found by the world's most modest man ever,says my dad and dats sriram v iyer 4 u, (excuse me sriram, i had to :P) he was earning quite a lot of money working in one of the leading companies, later he became an entrepreneur, den he started d organization nalandaway, only to realise dat he needs 2 jeopardize his career for the cause that he believed in, so he did. from then on there is no looking back. he works wid nalandaway throughout the year !! and he has also got wonderfull people working and helping him out wid it, the crazy part is dat dey r all youngsters.. i met a few of them  soori, pavel, and ramya.. they r just  sure about wut they r doing..!!  they had come down to the ashram, they helped a few kids (about 30) wid their low self confidence, distress and laziness.. all the money a kid needs is 3000 bucks for a YEAR, d cost of a pair of shoes that v wear.. !! we dont have 2 spare our career 2 help them out, but v can ofcourse spare an auto ride, save 150 bucks using a bus and helpin a kid outta distress, is al that is needed..  i know ts tough but i believe it will bring about a huge change in their lives.. jus spare some tym, and volunteer or spare as much as 100 or 200 bucks a month 2 help a child in need... if dis article, by any chance has u affected
do visit the website below.. and let us  be of some gud.. a good deed like dis might bring shitloads of happiness ,than that of driving a roadster, trust me  :P

wid very high hopes ,, abi

note: i know dat my language is not gud enuff here and der cud b alot of typos... :P, but i hope i got my point across :P and am relli sorry if i had been too strong ,, anytym.. :P apologies

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