Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A day with the lady, who designed the new "Puzhal jail"..

             January 30th 2011, Gandhiji's death anniversary, and a day of silent prayers, and speeches at the G ashram. I woke up at around 8 AM, realizing the fact that am Lazy(everyday realization though :P), and i need to be at the ashram before 9.. My dad is ready to leave, i tell him that i am going with him too.. i get      ready in a hurry and we leave. It takes about 20 minutes from my place,to reach the ashram. We went to the prayer hall directly and we were still late by 10 minutes.

              The prayer hall was filled with kids from high school, the teachers , the nalandaway volunteers, my uncle (Dr.R.V), dad and there was a lady in a blue saree, who i had never seen before. She was slim, tiny and did not look her age, she looked much younger than her actual age.I was expecting my uncle to introduce her, but he was buzy instructing the teachers and kids about the silent rally. Every year, kids from the ashram ,accompanied by teachers go on a silent rally around the town, expressing themselves on placards. Oh oh.. now Lets get back to the lady in blue. I got real curious to know who she was, but then i got introduced to another sweet,smart girl,Ms. Ramya who works with nalandaway. we were talking for a bit  and then i had to go visit my grand dad's samadhi (it is like a ritual, evertime any of us visit the ashram, we also visit the samadhi)

The samadhi of the founder of the ashram

 I joined the nalandaway team later, the day's events were all about goal setting and working towards it. Those naughty little brats were making my day impossible, "silly questioning" me like 'why abi akka wears a huge watch??' and they also happened to have answers to it, like "cause shez scared that she might fly" and lots more of the same sort.. ridiculing me over and over again.. but t was fun...  :D

The renovated Puzhal central prison
front view of the puzhal central prison chennai
Olympia tech park at kathipara
mofussil bus terminus chennai
                   OH no.. !!now lets get back to the lady in blue.. :P I was busy playing with the kids when my uncle , my dad and the lady in blue walked up to me. Finally, we got introduced and she was Mrs.Roopmathy Anand, archietect and co founder of Rajendran associates, chennai. People call her the lady who designed the new "puzhal jail" ( central prison complex) :P thats because she did design it.. but she seems to get intimidated everytime anyone says that.:P

she defends herself with various other famous projects that she has designed like the olympia tech park at kathipara (the largest green tech park in the state), the mofussil bus terminal,the police academy, metro stations, semmozhi park near anna flyover, the makeover of the marina beach (we thank you lady :) ) and lots more. she also puts in alot of effort to renovate temples all over the state. She is a very simple woman with alot of opinion, strength,questions and wisdom. We spoke for .. hmm.. let me guess... i dunno for how many hours.. :P she kept questioning, about the history of the ashram (thank god ,for am good at it :P) , rural development and functioning, farming, consumerism (i know what u guys r thinking, the later questions were to my dad and uncle),politics, green revolution. Sometimes i found her questions silly but sweet, cause not everyone with influence or power will ever want to listen to someone else's say. she idolises Dr.R.V, inspite of her busy schedule, she visited the ashram and has agreed to design a few buildings for the institution. She has worked with both the ruling party and the opposing party. she shared alot of her bitter and sweet experiences with both the governments and all the drama that happens when there is a change in government and how it affects her work. She speaks politics, movies,fashion,art and what not??. Usually i get bored when someone keeps talking but i sure wasnt this time.It was such a pleasure meeting her.. She told me alot about VASTU. i gape at the selfess purity of agape.. :P ( i am not very spiritual or even close to religious or superstitious,,,  but i find it all interesting :P) and the day went on just discussing/debating over issues like how the third world war is going to be over food and how we indians see agriculture through alien eyes..and how the public(that is us) are patners of the 2G scam and on and on.. ;) It was time for me to say aloha and leave but i offered her a ride to the airport so that i could learn some business :P
the semmozhi poonga at night
semmozhi park near anna fly over

NOTE: I know what you all must be thinking now, that i should be bagging the world's most weirdest girl award.. :P and that its not me... well whatever you say.. NO denial :P I am changing for good.. that is it.. :)


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Glad you got to meet her .. I am sure she is a women with great vision..

Now I am curious to know about your grand dad

ABI said...

shals: even am glad i met her.:D
my next few blogs are gonna be about my grand dad and a few in my family.. am researching on it ryt now.. and its very interesting to learn family histories,atleast better than learning world war by rot.. :P

ABI said...

and am planning to write a biography on him in english..(am not kidding.. :P) will prolly let u know if d book comes out.!!

swati said...

I found this article really interesting.A very good read indeed

ABI said...

@swati: thank you :D

examshere said...

ABi .. whats your gmail id .... im also working in OTP ...

ABI said...

Hey.. i dont understand wat u mean by OTP, there are alot of expansions to it :P you can view my mail id in my profile.. thank you