Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bollywooood.... is the indian fashion week/WEAK..

    The indian fashion week is weak and is in need of an aglet to get through the other side.!The indian fashion industry can not go past bridal couture, heavy jewelry, swaroskis, 30 kg - 20 lakhs lehengas and diamond,emerald,ruby studded armour, for how many decades?? Oh let me think, its since, the rani of india decided to sleep in her 50kg night dress, and for the rest of the days to come.Now this is what is called fahion fatigue! and it gets worse with bollywooood stars hijacking the fashion planet.well, i guess it is just a trick to deviate the page3 reporters, from noticing the same old copper sequins,crepe silk and mica highlights. The stars steal the show, their claques make it a success,when the work is barely worth anything but a heavy price tag made of silver. A very few brave designers resist themselves from hiring a " B world diva" just to get snubbed by the pathetic gunslinger paparazzi, who are nothing but fashion errors.
   We get to see our proud Indian designers flaunting their bottega venetta and louis vouitton to gain recognition and attention. Oh after all, the food we eat, the politicians ruling , the culture we practise are filtered with a sieve called BOLLYWOOD. The bollywood bhais are the showstoppers of our desi lives.And the fashion houses are anyway empty , other than a few customers who get custom made velvet , embroided suites with pearls and bling on them. Fashion weeks are not for store buyers or for business later and there is hardly any international clientele unless there is an indian fest happening on an alien ground.But there are designer knockoffs , that weigh less and scored on paper price tags available at lajpat nagar and daadar .Our indian fashion gurus are parasites stuck on bollywood stars and their fashionista starwives, who are all proud owners of home decors, but how?? oh yeah ! they got a very intelligent team of deisgners from NID working for them  !! That is why they are called star wives remember??.the indian fashion week does not have a fashion front anymore but all that it has is bollywooood bigheads.There is no recognition for real talent but alot for drama.Being condescending about the very rich but self concious Fashionista got no place in fashion and fashion shows in India. Thank god for them else Manish Malhotra ,Varun Behl and Kallol Datta would never actually sell anything.And the designers are all about designing wacky tacky heavy clothes for movies that are not very wearable by everyone.. The Tarun Tahiliani's boutique in W.Bandra has probably no customers other than a few celebrities, and starwives. I found a few drapes,good and exactly similar to that from fabindia but the difference was the silver pricetag , with a mundane, crazy figure on it..


Yasser Rahman said...

A very interesting way to look at it. However , there are a lot of small designers to do fabulous work, and most of them are grommed by the big guns of the Fashion World.

ABI said...

oh yeah!!! and thank you.. :D

akhil said...

Amazing post, the fashion scene out here in europe and the states is different and healthy. i personally agree with what you say, stars grab the limelight while the work actually should. The blog is bomb diggity , your say. ;)

ABI said...

bomb diggity my say.. ;)
thank you :D :D

Chekapo said...

What you say is very true. Out fashion designers certainly overdo the heavy wedding themes. But what would the alternative be? Do you want Indian designers to make western style dresses? Wouldn't that be imitating the west. I don't mean to challenge your views at all, but can you also suggest an alternative.. maybe create an alternative :)

ABI said...

@chekapo: well, thank you first of all.. :D
we dont have to keep having repeated wedding themes during every fashion week.. it is not like only indians get married in the world. :P the other countries also have fashion weeks and weddings, and wedding dresses.. but they dont overdo the fashion week with wedding theme.:P we should come up with diff indian themes..

and i visited the kimaya house in chennai, all that they got are red carpet clothes.. WTH.. who in chennai s gonna wear flowing, floor sweeping dress ..:P even the celebrities out here wear only sarees for starshows..
it is ofcourse expensive and even if you dont mind spending , you actually got nothing, u myt b left with a choice of one or two to pick from.. and u myt wanna go to a small boutique called "mee" if u want party clothes, where the stuff is good,different and relli innovative, less expensive, but not a brand, the quality of the materials used arnt that good like that of branded dress..
so the designer at 'mee' is noway less than tarun tahiliani but he/she cannot afford a superstar or be a part of the fashion week.. cos after all, we sometimes cant seem to go beyond stardust,and look for substance.. and the scene abroad is different, if a big brand doesnt come up with something new, people move on to another brand and they seem 2 appreciate new talents(only after lots of drama, but finally they do :P)..
where as we dont, we wanna stick to the same designers, not bcos they come up with good stuf but bcos they hv big bollywood clients.. :P sometimes i see people wearing some tacky stuff, they arnt worried about the fact dats ts tacky, instead they brag about the tag t comes wid.. :P
and i can keep goin on forever.. :P

subbia said...

very true abi.. when someone asks what brand of a party wear am wearing and i don't quote a well known brand or a brand dats known to cost more than a grand, i get looked at as if i declared am an alien.. infact dat will be much easier to declare i guess.. people refuse to see clothes for what they are as individual materials and designs.. they don't buy for the 3 inches of cloth but for the 3 cm of tag.. is it worth to have a louis phillipe if the shirt looks like a saravana store reject ? god.. don't get what their idea is.. but mostly it stems from our recently rich populous with delusions of grandeur who think their prestige lies in wearing dresses whose tags are prominently displayed and they make sure that even their underwear has its name on the waistband and it too gets the notice with a jean hip line so low dat if its any lower it can as well be discarded off for it'll serve no purpose..
and don't even get me started on our designers.. they think designing means stitching a ton of every variety of metals and jewels to the entire expanse of a cloth and draping it on a bolly chick or dude (doesn't make any diff whichever one). when are they gonna make party wear to us lowly subjects instead of the rajah's of old.. and there are plenty of styles originating from india.. one just has to look and look well.. we have the richest culture and we have had booming civilizations when western world's top fashion was a loincloth.. so unless our media and people focus on what they wear and not who's wearing whose, the fresher talented people who actually design something will get squashed under the boots of heavy hitters with money to hire a bolly chick and a brand backing them up.. wake up india.. sometimes life's simple and here, what u see is what u get..

ABI said...

@cheenu: lol.. u know wut!!! am like super brand conscious :P, but not brand obsessed.. i appreciate good work, even if it aint branded! the only thing that bothers me are the super expensive designer outfits that are not worth the tag and awesome designers being ignored completely cos they cant have a star on their show.. and the horrible mix of bollywood and indian fashion industry..
stars promoting a brand on television is diffrnt and stars walking the ramp is different!wen stars walk on the ramp, wut actually happens is dat they steal the limelight, and the work put in shouts for attention.. and the reporters are busy waiting for wardrobe malfunction dat happen or dont happen!! models wearing the clothes should work as goodlooking walking hangers that beautifies the outfit, and projects it.. but ts the ulta here.. :P dats wat worries me..