Sunday, February 20, 2011

List of things to do, before 2012.. Nostradamus is a witch who wont lemme live in peace :(

                I read that the mayan writing has been substantially deciphered , but i doubt if it was even ,properly ciphered.. :P well, i wouldnt mind living very very very VerY happy for another 60 years.. Should i sew NOSTRADAMUS or Ronald emmerich for causing mental agony?? hmmm.. its not that i believe init..and am like ubercool about it .. duh! its just that i had to watch this goddamn movie on new years.. :-S :P i dont believe in survival but only living life with love and passion.Now, lemme get on with the list..

        * more painting techniques
        * swimming
        * surfing (after swimming :P)
        * baking
        * german/spanish/ more of japanese (kanji)
        * guitar :D
 2) THINGS TO DO:       
       * write a book
       * sell all my paintings
       * grow a plant
       * help kannamma project with money earned from the paintings
       * watch '127 hours' on big screen.
       * adopt a dog
       * peep into the playboy suite in the palms, las vegas :P i dont wanna stay there,  and waste $ 40000 on a stupid rotating bed, i just wanna peep in to it..

bora bora, france

      * visit the following places
             - Turkey
             - Bora Bora (france)
             - cape town
             - total south africa :P
             - Ashburn virginia
             - dead sea ( i dont hv to know swimming to float right??) :P
             - Antwerp
             - kamakhya temple, assam( i heard ts always too crowded,should
   probabaly stop ,with visiting it on wikimapia i guess) :P
             - croatia
             - honolulu, waikiki beach (hawai)
             - katchatheevu
             - lonavala
             - Ajanta
             - florence
             - chateau versailles   
             - Drottingholm Palace                                 
             - Gripsholm Castle
             - Stockholm Archipelago
             - great barrier reef
             - bali   
             - Graz, Austria
             - Aarhus
             - caicos islands,
             - the bahamas
             - barbados
             - trinidad
             - Cozumal,cancun,tulum and the whole of mexico
               (shud marry a local there, who  probably owns a restaurant/cafe :P)
             - Puerto rico
             - udaipur palace
             - and the rest of heaven :P i got an ever living checklist :(

    * chen shu chu  ( i really wanna see how this real saint lives)
    * nobody else......

                                 This is my fantasy list, and all this cant happen in a years time, let planet earth survive 2012 and prove Nostradamus and the mayans wrong ,so that i could go surfing in bali in 2013 and learn swimming well before that.. :P :P

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