Saturday, February 19, 2011

A recent visit to Theni and getting to become friends with TRISHA.. it was all 'WOW'

                          I had been wanting to meet my grand parents and relatives at theni, for a very long time.The last time i was there, i couldn socialise quite well, for i was in an anti-social phase then.:P (not really) .. So, when my grand dad (Mr.R) visited my place last thursday, i couldnt resist but leave with him to my HOMETOWN.:) He is kinda crazy about cars, and his new mistress is a brand new, white, Toyota fortuner . Am a sedan girl, SUVs and landcruisers,, Uh Uh, strictly not my type.. but guess wut?? I am immensely amazed by the gargantuan.He has got other SUVs ,but this beauty stands out. The wheels,could literally reach my hips with a little effort and the bonnet reaches my shoulders without even trying hard.:P The seats are so comfy and neither did i feel nor could i see the extremely screwed roads.. And the car has two different gears, the normal gear and another gear for desert safari rides, which is useless..cause i donot know any existing deserts in the proximity, but cant it be used in beaches?? maybe or may be not, i got no idea..


                              we reached home in less than an hour. Grand mom and i spoke for a while, a little later i went for a stroll. Oh my ! The place has changed so much. I went on randomly clicking everything on my way, like flowers, pretty bunglows , anything and everything that was bright and catchy :P

                         The highlight of the visit, was my becoming friends with Ms.Trisha.. :D Not the actor trisha (ha ha ha gotcha) but my grand dad's dangerous german shepherd that has bitten 40 people including 4 from our family :P I had been friends with her when she was a baby/ puppy (my Gdad gets offended when someone calls her a dog :-S), but i thought she wouldnt remember me, yet she did :D The dog walker and i took her walking at night and she licked me all over, thank god she dint leave me with a hikky :P (it was kinda scary though cause she usually rips out a few kilograms of flesh, if anyone new tries entering the house :P) awww.. she is a sweet heart, i know right.. :P

beauty aka the beast :P

                         My other granddad, Mr.P got really excited that i was going to be there for a couple of days, so he took the freedom of feeding me royally with alot of delicacies, he was trying hard to make me put on some weight by feeding..(well ,sadly that does not just happen Gdaddy, i have a high metabolic rate, and i dont put on weight how much ever i eat.. my bad :( ) And living with congressmen has its plus obviously,i was treated like twice the princess that i usually am ;) Everything is free for the family, bilqul mufth mufth mufth jaisa.. :P (but i should also say that Mr.P makes sure they all get paid somehow )
                         My Brother Mr.T got back home from the hospital at 10pm.( he, Mr.R and Mrs.T are all Doctors, not patients eh) He wanted to take me for a movie. ( A decade back when we were all kids, we always went to cinemas and go on picnics everytime.! Damn.. i wish we were all still kids,, :(  ) My bro called up someone and got the box totally cleared at the cinema, so that, we could watch the movie in peace. :P but a little later, we found that the movie is lousy, so we just watched some random shit at home, i was fast asleep only a quarter hour later .. lol ..My bro hates me..( kidding) :P The next day, my bro took me to the hospital( i hadnt seen it all after the renovation) and we went for a drive in the evening, to theerthathotti. Mr.T took exactly 8 mins to reach theerthathotti from theni. He literally flew us there and i couldn even feel the speed.. waaaat? yeah! Fortuner is a killer.. tight stuff i tell you.. :) I visited my uncles house later last evening and got back home to eat "ayrameen curry"(its been like forever since i had them last)  :D Me and bro watched "Yutham Sei" the most annoying movie of all ages, worse than 10000 BC. trust me!! I woke up this morning, my dad picked me up and i am home already..:-S PERIOD


Ashish Kalsi said...

Ooooh nice one...felt like I was with you throughout...good stuff :)

ABI said...

ya?? lol... thanks :)

abhishek said...

gr8 abi
nice story nd pics too...

ABI said...

Thank you :)