Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The "not-very-english" brand names that are tough to pronounce.. !!

                      Pronouncing an italian brand name could be difficult, but if you dont wanna embarass yourself saying ver-sa-see for ver-sah-chee (versace) or ball-main for bal-mah (balmain), you might have to learn the pronunciation.. We Indians find it impossible to get it rite, but trust me, we got the best tongue of all, and if you have learnt french, its a total humdinger.. :D  you find me wrong anywhere ??, please feel free to get me on board.... my pleasure :) i hv been working on this for quite some time now and am pretty sure it aint a bummer...

Abaeté:    Ah-bye-ah-tay

Agnes B:    Ah-ni-ess Beh

Alejandro Ingelmo:     Allay-handro In-gel-mo (latino)

Alexandre Herchcovitch:      Ah-le-zan-dreh Hair-ch-co-vich

Andrew Gn:     Andrew Jen (rhymes with “ten”)

Andy Thê-Anh:     An-dee Tay-Ann

Anya Hindmarch:      Ahn-ya Heind-march

Arthur Mendonça:      Ar-thur Men-doe-sa

Badgley Mischka:       Badge-lee Meesh-ka

Balmain:      Bal-mah

Bottega Veneta:     Bo-tega Ven-e-ta

Bulgari:     Ball-gah-ree

Burberry Prorsum:      Bur-bur-ree Pror-some

Carolina Herrera:      Caro-leena Hair-era

Cesare Paciotti:      Che-sah-ray Pah-cho-tee

Chaiken:      Chay-ken

Christian Lacroix:       La-Kwa

Christian Louboutin:      Loo-boo-tin (“tin” rhymes with the French word “vin”)

Diane von Furstenberg:      Fur-sten-berg (pronounced as spelled)

Dolce & Gabbana:      Dole-ch-aye Ga-bon-na

Dries Van Noten:      Drees Van Know-ten

Ermenegildo Zegna:      Er-men-a-geel-do Zen-ya (repeat it till u get it rite.. :P tough cookie)

Etienne Aigner:      Eh-tee-yen On-yay

Gareth Pugh:      Gareth Pew

Giles Deacon:      Jy-els Dee-kin

Givenchy:     Jee-von-shee

Giambattista Valli:     Gee-ahm-battista Valley

Hedi Slimane:     Eddy Sli-mahn

Hermès:     Air-mez

Hervé Léger:      Air-vay Lay-jay

James Perse:      James Perse (as in a lady’s purse, not ‘pierce your ear’)

Joeffer Caoc:      Joe-fur Kay-ock

Junya Watanabe:       Joon-ya Wah-tah-nah-bay

Lambertson Truex:       Lam-bert-son Tru-ex

Lanvin:       Lon-vin (“vin” also rhymes with the French word for “wine”)

L’Wren Scott:      Le-ren Skot

Loewe:       Low-ev-ay

Louis Vuitton:       Loo-ee Voo-ee-ton

Madame Gres:        Madame Gray

Marchesa:       Mar-kay-sa

Mainbocher:        Maynbo-shay

Moschino:         Mo-ski-no

Monique Lhullier:        Mo-neek Loo-lee-ay

Narciso Rodriguez:        Nar-siss-so Ro-dree-gez

Nicolas Ghesquière:         Ni-co-la Guess-ki-air

Olivier Theyskens:       Oli-vier Tay-skins

Pierre Cardin:        Pee-air Car-dain

Proenza Schouler:        Pro-enza Skool-er

Ralph Lauren:       Ralph Lauren (as in Lauren the girl’s name, not Sophia Loren)

Rei Kawakubo:       Ray Kah-wah-koo-bo

Rodarte:      Ro-dar-tay

6267:       Six-two-six-seven (not Sixty-two-sixty-seven)

Sonia Rykiel:       Sonia Ree-kee-eel

Sophia Kokosalaki:      So-fee-a Ko-ko-sah-lah-kee

Thakoon:        Ta-koon

Thierry Mugler:       Tee-air-ree Moog-lay

Tibi:      Tbi (not Tee-bee)

Tocca:        Toe-ka

Versace:       Ver-sah-chee

Vionnet:        Vee-oh-nay

Yohji Yamamoto:      Yo-jee Ya-ma-mo-to

Yves Saint Laurent:     Eve San Lor-ron

Zac Posen:     Poe-zen

and FYI  Ms.P,  The word TUITION is pronounced  'too-ish-uh n '  and not 'tyoo-sh-uhn' ...  check the world wide web if you wanna know more about it..

PS: oh yeah.. i am jobless by choice!! if that is what you are thinking.. :P

Sunday, March 27, 2011

whom am i voting this election???

                  This goes to everyone out there !! listen out y'all... deciding on whom to vote has become a very easy task to accomplish,, whichever party bribes us with more money, obviously gets the vote.!!! it shouldn't be that way.. we take good care when it comes to choosing the right potato, but the least when choosing a leader..  So i thought ill do a little research before voting.. All the politicians these days are larcenists and swindlers. we have to choose a good pirate like black sparrow, among the stick up artists and how do we make the choice??
                We should create a list of 'Goodness' ,each party has done to the people during their reign, without taking a side or being biased. List of "the outbreak of their ego", like putting up a good project on hold, just because it was initiated by the opposing party, which is atrocious!!
                Say party A and B, both are theives of the first order, but inorder to save their positions they do some good.and have done some good to the people when in power, whoever has done the most of goodness should be voted! just because you like the way a person acts in a movie, you cant vote for him/her  thats epitome of stupidness..and the bribe money that gets thrown at your doorstep in a white envelope with all new crispy pink notes, is a plus, aint it ? ;) take the money from both the parties and vote for your best pirate ;) its a win-win situation and a cat race here....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

whoopty tah!!!

                        I love the light and the divinity init.My camera aint that great, but i must say it aint bad either :P

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A book, A week # 3 " Entropy , A new world view - Jeremy Rifkin"


                     One of the books from dad's early collections, That sets the bar.!! Me reading a book on thermodynamics is like dinosaurs coming back to life, yet i did, and am quite obsessed with the tome, which speaks of things happening today,but three decades ago.I find it a bit hilarious that people around the world, physicists, scientists today, refuse to acknowledge the relevance and importance of the concepts introduced in this book - it was far far ahead of it's time and yet almost no one recognizes the elegance and simplicity of the arguments it puts forth.I've really enjoyed reading this book 30 years after it was written, especially curious to see where the author hit and missed the marks on his projections. I was pleasantly surprised to see a small warning on global warming, obviously very relavent these days. The historical placement of the writing of the book has interesting parallels, he wrote it during the energy crisis of the seventies, during the cold war, pre-Chernobyl, pre-IBM PC, etc., and here we are with increasing fuel rates, government bailouts and talks of further government control, ie, all kinds of cracks in the energy flow line.:P
                    Entropy as the term is used in Rifkin's book, refers to irreversibility at primarily a macroscopic level in the universe, or more tersely, 'time's arrow'. In a nutshell, over time, all systems in the universe (other than a few weird quantum behaviors) move generally from a state of order to one of disorder. Order in a local system can only be maintained thru temporarily increased use of energy, which of course eventually moves the system even further down the road to disorder - the ultimate end of which is the heat death of the universe.
                     In my opinion, this is an extremely useful and elegant way to look at life and the universe around us. Look at your life in particular - pick out a small aspect of it -like buying a car for example. Before you came into being, all of the material used in the manufacture of the car you would someday buy was concentrated in deposits of minerals and resources all over the world - iron ore , coal , oil , plastic etc etc etc. Now you come along and order a car and the car company obliges you by digging all these elements out of the ground, and using massive quantities of energy - coal, oil, electricity etc. to ORGANIZE all these materials into what will become your personal mode of transporation. And what happens as soon as the car is completed ? - even before you drive it off the lot - rust has begun to invade the underside of the body panels, the plastic coating on the wiring begins to decay, the paint gets a tiny bit faded and begins to peel and chip. Ten or twenty years later, there are microsopic particles from your car scattered all over the countryside - bits of rubber on the road to chennai, rust chips in your driveway and all over the deccan plateau, bits of rubber from your windshield wipers in your grandma's garage.
                              This process of continual decay is IRREVERSIBLE  - i.e. you can't put that car back together from it's constituent materials because the system consisting of your auto has gone from a state of near perfect order (brand new off the lot) to one of almost complete disorder (scattered all over the planet in tiny microscopic pieces). Of course if you had enough 'free' energy, you could theoretically, reconstruct your car by tracking down every individual particle and reconstituting it - BUT ... and here is the beauty of Rifkin's idea ... just by USING that energy, you are FURTHER increasing the entropy of the world around you - because in order to ORGANIZE that energy into a useful form, requires that furher massive amounts of raw materials be dug out of the ground. In the end all those nice piles of oil and iron ore and coal are scattered hither and yon, never to be useful again - at least by humans as we now stand. EVERYTHING we do increases the entropy of the systems around us. It's a rigged game and the only way to win is not to play - to use as little energy as is practically possible.
                          Again - THE most important book/principle you will ever grasp (or not) in your entire life. If you don't understand the Entropy Principle as it is used in this tome, then you will forever be doomed to mediocre, flawed solutions to the most basic problems in everyday life. It's why the solutions to our problems just create even more problems down the road. If you 'get' Entropy, you will never look at the world around you in the same way again.

CONCLUSION: Personally, I don't care if Rifkin has violated the sensitivities of some narrow-minded academic somewhere, his use of the term entropy to describe the fundamental processes of everyday life is a true breakthrough in thought and planning. Though the given meaning of ENTROPY in the dictionary is nothing close to the meaning given by the author, i am going to take it as "different' and not "wrong",.. :P The book gets you thinking, just like "Paradigms lost" or "Paradigms regained" does. Oh i remember , i might be having a thing for quantum physics and John L.Casti  :P 
stars:   ****(4)
genre: science

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


                                      A timeless piece of vintage jewellery,straight from grand mom's closet.. !!! :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A book,A week # 2 " The Last Innocent Man - Phillip Margollin"

                     I have never read a book of Margollin before, atleast i dont remember reading any. With the least knowledge of his existence, i was barely driven to get on with it. The cover looked pretty cool and catchy, with Build-ups such as 'Bestseller'... and kicking hints... it also smelt quite good :P
                    The book is an exciting stumper and a high pitched courtroom drama.To what extent is the lawyer-client privilege protected? Phillip Margolin tackles this and more in the very readable legal thriller The Last Innocent Man. Do the Johnnie Cochrans* of this world have a conscience? That's what we mortals want to know when we see how fiercely they fight (and manipulate!) to have murderers acquitted and returned to our streets. money, fame and winning the case are all that matters! Or are they, like Margolin's protagonist David Nash, caught in a system where they are morally and legally obligated to do everything in their power to save their clients , however guilty they might perceive those clients to be? What happens when a defense attorney becomes too good at what he does ,, too good at manipulating facts and mastering juries? Margolin, himself , a highly successful defense attorney, as well as author of a growing list of explosive legal thrillers, comes to grips wih this dilemma, where all too often , is not Justice but the ability of the defense that determines whether an innocent person goes to prison or a monster is released to continue preying on society.
                    Brilliant, unbeatable David Nash has reached the pinnacle of his career, but that pinnacle doesn't look the way he thought it would. He became a defense attorney with the ideal of saving the innocent and improving the world. But now he finds that, "there aren't many innocent people around here," and feels that, for the most part, he is turning the worst kind of fiends loose on the world,while he had hoped to make it better. He is losing faith in himself and in his career. Then, just in time, comes his dream: An Innocent Man, deserving of the best defense Nash can give him. But then, when he learns that his "last innocent man" had lied to him and used him and is therefore Presumed to be Guilty, he falls into a deep depression. There he wallows in the morass until he receives a shock so horrendous that he is impelled to pull himself up and re-enter the fray. Now Nash must find a way to bring down the wiliest and most diabolical killer in order to save not only his soul but his very life -- and the life of! the woman he loves.The rapidly moving yarn is enough to keep any reader from dozing between pages and plenty of diversionary tactics disturb one's second thoughts about who did what to whom.

CONCLUSION : What a pity that Margollin has a full time job as a criminal defence lawyer..obviously he should be devoting full time to writing mystery novels.. beautifully constructed, tightly written,a pleasant mixture of brutality and humanity, with a humdinger of a solution. For the first time ever i got cranky for being disturbed while reading a book.

stars :          ***** (5)
Thrill:           excellent
Adrenaline:  Highest
Argument:   Crazy

*Johnnie cochran - a famous criminal defense lawyer, with a celebrity clientele , including Michael Jackson and Snoop Dogg