Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A book,A week # 2 " The Last Innocent Man - Phillip Margollin"

                     I have never read a book of Margollin before, atleast i dont remember reading any. With the least knowledge of his existence, i was barely driven to get on with it. The cover looked pretty cool and catchy, with Build-ups such as 'Bestseller'... and kicking hints... it also smelt quite good :P
                    The book is an exciting stumper and a high pitched courtroom drama.To what extent is the lawyer-client privilege protected? Phillip Margolin tackles this and more in the very readable legal thriller The Last Innocent Man. Do the Johnnie Cochrans* of this world have a conscience? That's what we mortals want to know when we see how fiercely they fight (and manipulate!) to have murderers acquitted and returned to our streets. money, fame and winning the case are all that matters! Or are they, like Margolin's protagonist David Nash, caught in a system where they are morally and legally obligated to do everything in their power to save their clients , however guilty they might perceive those clients to be? What happens when a defense attorney becomes too good at what he does ,, too good at manipulating facts and mastering juries? Margolin, himself , a highly successful defense attorney, as well as author of a growing list of explosive legal thrillers, comes to grips wih this dilemma, where all too often , is not Justice but the ability of the defense that determines whether an innocent person goes to prison or a monster is released to continue preying on society.
                    Brilliant, unbeatable David Nash has reached the pinnacle of his career, but that pinnacle doesn't look the way he thought it would. He became a defense attorney with the ideal of saving the innocent and improving the world. But now he finds that, "there aren't many innocent people around here," and feels that, for the most part, he is turning the worst kind of fiends loose on the world,while he had hoped to make it better. He is losing faith in himself and in his career. Then, just in time, comes his dream: An Innocent Man, deserving of the best defense Nash can give him. But then, when he learns that his "last innocent man" had lied to him and used him and is therefore Presumed to be Guilty, he falls into a deep depression. There he wallows in the morass until he receives a shock so horrendous that he is impelled to pull himself up and re-enter the fray. Now Nash must find a way to bring down the wiliest and most diabolical killer in order to save not only his soul but his very life -- and the life of! the woman he loves.The rapidly moving yarn is enough to keep any reader from dozing between pages and plenty of diversionary tactics disturb one's second thoughts about who did what to whom.

CONCLUSION : What a pity that Margollin has a full time job as a criminal defence lawyer..obviously he should be devoting full time to writing mystery novels.. beautifully constructed, tightly written,a pleasant mixture of brutality and humanity, with a humdinger of a solution. For the first time ever i got cranky for being disturbed while reading a book.

stars :          ***** (5)
Thrill:           excellent
Adrenaline:  Highest
Argument:   Crazy

*Johnnie cochran - a famous criminal defense lawyer, with a celebrity clientele , including Michael Jackson and Snoop Dogg


meredith said...

Its a very old book, and dude u read it only now??
The review is interesting!

ABI said...

thank u madame edith :P