Sunday, March 27, 2011

whom am i voting this election???

                  This goes to everyone out there !! listen out y'all... deciding on whom to vote has become a very easy task to accomplish,, whichever party bribes us with more money, obviously gets the vote.!!! it shouldn't be that way.. we take good care when it comes to choosing the right potato, but the least when choosing a leader..  So i thought ill do a little research before voting.. All the politicians these days are larcenists and swindlers. we have to choose a good pirate like black sparrow, among the stick up artists and how do we make the choice??
                We should create a list of 'Goodness' ,each party has done to the people during their reign, without taking a side or being biased. List of "the outbreak of their ego", like putting up a good project on hold, just because it was initiated by the opposing party, which is atrocious!!
                Say party A and B, both are theives of the first order, but inorder to save their positions they do some good.and have done some good to the people when in power, whoever has done the most of goodness should be voted! just because you like the way a person acts in a movie, you cant vote for him/her  thats epitome of stupidness..and the bribe money that gets thrown at your doorstep in a white envelope with all new crispy pink notes, is a plus, aint it ? ;) take the money from both the parties and vote for your best pirate ;) its a win-win situation and a cat race here....

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