Friday, April 29, 2011

little Ms. Ashburn (photo log)

Baby Deekshanya

oiled up
awwww !!! she has finally learned to sit

                  This is baby Deekshanya, my little sister (chithi's daughter), shez just 7 months old, though she looks way bigger than she actually should... We are all waiting for her to get back to india, well she has never been here before. she is coming down in june, i am very excited about it.:D We have got alot of clothes for her already :P She looks a bit like me, chithi and mama (Mr.M) , a poser just like me, she has to smile for all the photos, doesnt she ?? ;)

The royal wedding

                The long awaited royal wedding of Prince William and kate, is finally over.The bride looked oh so elegant, coquette and shockingly beautiful in that Alexander McQueen dress by sarah burton, though it dint meet up with people's expectations :P It was a modern fairy tale wedding, every girls dream, who wouldnt like a wedding like that in the westminster abbey church. OH the church looked timeless, and stupendous. Prince william stole a million hearts with his warmth towards Kate and when he uttered stuff like " you look beautiful !!" and "Are you happy??",, it was just lovely, and another cute love story..The queen mother looked amazing and adorable in her yellow dress and hat. What was with Eugenie and Beatrice anyway?? their hats were ridiculous and scary! Pippa middleton looked stunning, and so did carole middleton. The Beckys played low, and lady posh looked awesome in her navy dress from her own line. She looked so not pregnant but i do not know how she managed to wear her 6 in heels whilst pregnant, she wouldnt have it any other way, would she!

right after the wedding!
cutie queen mother

eugine Ewwwww!! and Beatrice Ouch !
Spicy posh and hottie becky
                Mom, grand mom and i watched the whole thing on TLC ,and envious we were :P and just imagine!! only if the wedding were streetstyled ;) Lol

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday the 27th, a fun day

              My great grand dad Mr.N.R.T 's 49th death anniversary, was yesterday, so we had all gone to Theni, my mother's hometown. chakara pongal was made the "semi traditional" way :P and was hogged by us all later. Here is a piece of  my april 27th 2011.

yummy pongal...

Mr. NRT's samadhi

samadhi from inside

pooja at home

the homam


My bro, Dr.T, check out the NAAMAM

check out the ball strategically placed inside the chandelier :P siddharth's work of excellence.

this is a shrine nearby... its peaceful
         i met up with all my grand uncles,aunts,grand dads and moms yeasterday. It was fun but would have been better only if all my busy cousins had turned up. All of us were made to wear naamam, i looked funny i guess.. :P it was a smoke filled day,cause of the homam and  there were moments,when i could not see the person the other side, but it was nice, spending time with family.I couldn't play with trisha*, they wouldn't let her out, for they were afraid she would be pissed seeing the crowd but i still managed to go see her. Poor thing, she was tied up the whole time. Dr.T took us* all to a cinema "Kho" at night  ( second show). The box was cleared for us, we watched the movie in peace. i love my brother, he is like a superman.. :D We went back home at 1 am after the movie got over, and talked till 2. bro and i watched ipl for a bit :P mom, me, chithi and lala, got back to my place this after noon. The drive back home was made cool, with my chithi's witty humour taking over us all, "ROFLMAO"ed the whole time...

* us- me, mom, chithi, lala avva, guna avva, chitra amma.
*Trisha- my grand dad's german sheperd

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A book, A week # 6 " Vector - Robin cook"


       I have a tertiary attraction towards medical writing that are thrillers, with vector it has just rocketed sky high.I have been a fan of Robin Cook ever since i read chromosome 6, there is no stopping me after that, it has been "oh so" good reading about medical nuances.Robin Cook a  physician ,also the King of the Mind-bending Medical Thriller (from mutation to chromosome to Toxin), has come up with a swoon-worthy killer-poison more dangerous than any before it.. A vector, as in the title, is a carrier that transmits an infectious agent from one host to another. Back from Chromosome 6 are Doctors. Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery, forensic pathologists in the New York Chief Medical Examiner's office. The first victim to come under their scope is Jason Papparis, a rug dealer who inhaled a fatal dust sent to him in a small boxhow grisly, how amusing, a rug dealer murdered by dust! Also on hand at the morgue is dead and mutilated young skinhead Brad Cassidy, victim of the People's Aryan Army, which has been recruiting skinheads as shock troops and "tapping into that well of hatred and violence the music has engendered" (in Cookprose, music can engender a well). The pathologists find that Papparis died of anthrax. As it happens, a disaffected Russian, Yuri Davydov, once a low-level worker in a Russian bioweapons lab, has managed to get himself into the US and turn Manhattan cab driver. An anti-Semite, Yuri feels dismissed as a human being by American Zionists and has set up a bioweapons lab in his basement in Brighton Beach, undertaking what he calls Operation Revenge. Meanwhile, he falls in with ex-military noncoms Steve Henderson and Curt Rogers, who are now NYC firemen as well as followers of the People's Aryan Army. The three hatch a plot to avenge Ruby Ridge by releasing Yuri's anthrax into the ventilation system of the 40-story Jacob Javits building, while Yuri also really wants to stick it to Manhattan's Jews by encircling Central Park with a ring of the incredibly infectious toxin. What can a mere pair of pathologists do to stop this crew of nuts? Cook himself believes that a bioterrorist event is, without question, locked into our future. Not really a thought to minimize, as his cautionary tale observes....

Conclusion: Awesome read, but not a great adrenaline rusher like his other tomes "Abduction" or "Crisis". I couldnt let the book free for a jiffy, totally 'awe-ed' by the author.DO i have anything else to say?? obviously not.....

stars: ****(4)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Earworms !

       Am stuck with this song "Ayyayo nenju" from the movie 'aadukalam'! The song is kinda mesmerising, and i cant get it out of my head, i dont want to either.. :P I also like the new track "Lolita", i dunno the movie's name though... and the latest inclusions in my playlist are

1) "Everybody is someone els's secret" from "Audition"
2) #3 from 1997
3) songs from lagaan
4)  old ilayaraja songs..
5) songs from pattiyal
6) songs from oram po
7) songs from maina
8) cranberry islands by tim janis
9) last american buffalo- 'bohemian blues' and 'W & L'
10) over the hills and faraway - led zeppelin
11) going to california -Led zeppelin again
12) black dog-Led Zeppelin, Led zeppelin, Led zeppelin

i am going through a "old songs" phase now :P

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My nurse's daughter..


     Mrs. S is a nurse working at my mom's hospital.She has had 2 children before, and they are no more.With a long wait and alot of difficulty she gave birth to the third child,my mother delivered the baby for her, a girl child, baby F.Baby F was really tiny She has turned out to be my daily dose of entertainment. She is growing really fast, there is something new to her every single day, she just started walking , and the other day i see her chasing a stray dog, i wouldnt dare do that :P she climbed on the chair for the first time today, she calls me "abi aaa" or 'akaka' sometimes. Initially i used to not like to watch her for more than 10 mins cause all that she did was eat,sleep and pee, but these days my day neither starts nor ends without her.She is one weird kid though, she smiles whenever her mom hits her .. :P i wake up with the noise of her knocking down everything and i go to sleep after chasing some street dogs , sometimes i have even been made to dance on the streets.She is highly possessive, throws fit everytime my mom hugs me and she would go "nenda" ( "No" in her crossing over language)..I dont mind changing diapers for the first time. She has got the most beautiful smile, closes her eyes tight and shows off her new teeth. !! She is more than just a nurse's kid to all of us. she is growing real fast!!

My funny theory..

              I have a theory, and it says " If you can grow a plant for a minimum span of time, without killing it, you earn the eligibilty for a marraige, and if you can have a pet, without getting fleas on it or getting it killed, you will make a good parent   "

in short, not letting this happen :P

i know what you are thinking, and i cant help it but come up with such super theories :P i told this to my dad, and he was like rolling off the floor laughing his 'hmmm' out... My parents are looking forward to get me married, so i thought, i should work on this theory, do a self evaluation before they find someone for me,and i dont wanna ruin some innocent person's life :P So Dad and I went to a nursery today to get me a plant but couldn't find the right one for me and i ended up buying track pants for myself (oh! now.. not from the nursery x-( )I have cut down on retail therapy, cause of two reasons
1) trying to be responsible ( dont you dare "LOL" )
2) and there are NOT MUCH of decent shops here :P !!

i end up doing vegetable and grocery shopping myself,and i do it every week though :P and the markets here are like super good, with fresh stuff and they are cheap, most of the time

So ill let you guys know when i find my plant, i dunno where on earth is it now .. In case if any of you have plans to get married any soon, i think you should try my say once. :P

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My day today !!

              i cooked dragon chicken and veg pulao. it turned out good!! Getting my dad to appreciate my cooking is like winning the Bocuse d'or, he is quite a critic, i tell you :P I did my routine successfully. I also painted a "krishna" but got my back and shoulders screwed cause the canvas was huge,i got tired before i could fill it all.. :( i dont use a frame. I put the canvas pad on my lap the whole time, i paint. So by the time i finish it, my back starts complaining :P i came up with the post on pants and shapes like i had said. i also did some research on architects in madurai, hvn't come to a conclusion yet. i got lots of house plans on my head right now, will probably work on it before goino bed.My cousin ( Mr. M)  had called after a long time, and it was nice talkino him.We were complaining about each others parents :P OMG it was fun :D He has bought a new house too and has asked me to help with designing the interiors and am like super happy about it. :D We used to play cricket and i used to field with my skirt,we stole mangoes, danced for MJ and play doctor. funny, crazy times they were. !! i miss all of it...

My version of dragon chicken.

Krishnaaaaaa :P

Type of Jean for your body shape!

           There are quite a few types of jeans and not all of them suit all body shapes. The different possible body shapes are

1) hourglass
2) V
3) athletic or straight
4) apple shape
5) pear shape

And there are quite a few cuts and fits in jeans

a) boot cut or flare
b) skinny or pencil
c) boyfriend jeans
d) roomy fit or relax fit
e) slim
f) regular fit
g) high rise
h) mid rise
i) low rise
j) ultra low rise

1) Hourglass: people with hour glass shape, who are fit  and have long legs can wear any type of jean. Skinny , low rise will look flattering but people who have an hourglass shape but are not fit should go for midrise, ( cause you dont want that flesh jutting out right above the waist line by wearing low rise) and any kind of cut should do, be it flare or skinny or roomy.

2) V : people who have a V shaped body usually have broad shoulders and slim waist, they should probably go for mid rise and straight fit. boy friend jeans will look awesome, jeggings will look cool too with shirt dresses.

3) people with athletic build can wear any jean of their choice!

4) apple shape : mid rise, skinny, slim fit is waht you want. Boyfriend jeans , a big no no.. you dont wanna add more weight to your legs..

5)pear shape: high rise, regular fit is your type. Boyfriend jeans, low rise, skinny are not clearly your type.

I dont believe in preaching peepz about being thin and skinny, but if you wanna look good even when you are a bit more than healthy, you should probably dress according to your body shape. Skinny kids with thin legs can wear anything and everything.

" Eat cupcakes and wear skinny jeans, because I totally can" :-D

Friday, April 22, 2011

quick update!!

      My  plans for today...
 1) Am goino be cooking some Dragon chicken and Some vegetable pulao
 2) canvas painting
 3) work out, my routine i meant
 4) write a blog on Pants and shapes (for women though :P)
 5) Goino draw a plan for the new house :D and am goino design it myself ... awesome right ?? ;)
 6) research on materials, textures ,colours and architects :P

 will later tell you guys, how my day turned out., if it was bomb diggity or a mess !

ciao !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The rain gods are smiling at me :D

                It has been a crazy hot week,and finally the rain gods decided to show some mercy. Its raining cats and dogs here for the past hour, and i cant believe my eyes, are they lying to me or what? i wanted to go play in the rain but i know i will be disowned by my mother if i tried any of my usual stunts  :P i still  managed a peek or two ;) The water is icecold now.. yaayyy!!!

The sky was so dark at 3 pm and i simply loved it :D
my plantain tree

Zoom in to see!

The entropy my friends...

Image courtsey : Myself

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A book,A week # 5 " Peace Pilgrim, her life and work in her own words - compiled by some of her friends"

               I am fond of old books, that smell like history. My dad happened to have bought this book about a quarter century ago, and i accidently found it when i was looking out for something else.I read the backcover and reckoned, its something else.
              Peace pilgrim originally called Mildred Lisette Norman, walked more than a 40000 kms for peace in a span of 28 years.She refered to herself only as Peace Pilgrim, people were always curious to get to know her real name, but she wouldnt bulge. This Modern American saint followed a vow "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food."
The only possessions were her blue tunic that read peace pilgrim, and a few clothes on her back along with a few items in her pockets.She wouldnt even ask anybody for food or shelter, she was a lone woman, walking her way across America. She started walking when she was 45 years old and she walked untill she died. She died in a road accident while she was crossing America for the seventh time.
              The book is very inspirational. I read it a few months back, and i learned alot from it, but the only thing that i follow from this book is that i am not going to hurt myself anymore, and am following it without fail. Trust me nothing, no thing hurts me anymore, and whenever i am on the verge of getting hurt or about to be depressed i just think of these lines from this book, she says " I just stopped hurting myself. Now someone could do the meanest thing to me and I would feel deep compassion for this out-of-harmony person, this sick person, who is capable of doing mean things. I certainly would not hurt myself by a wrong reaction of bitterness or anger. You have complete control over whether you will be psychologically hurt or not, and anytime you want to, you can stop hurting yourself. "
                When you sit and think and analyse the quotation above, everything seems to be clear, and everything falls in the right place. Say, someone is mean to you, swears at you, talks ill about you, You get hurt, only if you keep thinking about it,or swear back,talk ill about the other person and only when you give importance to the whole issue. The words that come out of others mouth, is not going to hurt you, but you thinking of it repeatedly and trying to find ways to hurt the other person, is the real blow that is going to hurt you, so nobody in this world can hurt you, but only you. It is very difficult to follow , and not react to mean people, but if you start practising harmony, life will seem better and happier. Exhibit A, myself.!!
               The book is deep, and it can be boring at times for certain people, if you find it boring, you shouldnt be reading it cause you are not ready to read it yet, you will need a certain maturity level to finish reading the book.

CONCLUSION: The book is not for everyone. You might either learn a lot or fall asleep! :-P i sure learned an important lesson.There are some religious content init, that i ignored. Overall its SENSITIVE and MOVING !!

Recipe # 1

             I lost my oversized blue superman shirt, i dunno when, i cant seem to find it anywhere, i turned the place upside down already. :( it was a gift from priya, my best enemy, she is goino kill me if she sees this post.. baby am sorry, apologies honey. (I know what i should do, i should buy another one to replace it... ohhhhhhh shhhhhhh, dont tell her anyone, its a secret :P


             Am plannino make a chicken dish today :D will put up the pictures in a while and i just thought i would share with you guys, the recipe for meringue.

Ingredients:  6 egg whites
                   300 gms of caster sugar
                   50 gms cornflour or cream of tartar
                   vanilla extract


                    Beat the six egg whites with 300 gms of caster sugar in a blender, then slowly add the cornflour while blending. when the consistency seems foamy and stands out, add some vanilla extract. blend them all together. Scoop them in to tiny heaps on the baking tray, that has been buttered. Slip the tray in to a preheated oven of 200 degrees F. Let it sleep in the oven for 1 hr 30 minutes. Zippity doo tah, its done.. EASY!

                   If you wanna make flavored meringue pie, jus add some random flavor to the mixture along with some chocolate bits or fruits, and a tiny drop of vinegar. and pour the content in the baking tray as whole, if the mixture stiffs peak, awesome, slip it into the preheated oven. the outer part becomes crisp immediately, because of the drastic temperature shift, and the inside remains gooey, giving the PIE effect. remove it from the oven after 1 hr 45 mins, let it sit for 5 mins. Add a whole lot of whipped cream and fruits on top to give it the dramatic francais feel ;)

Note : i forgot to take pictures of the meringue in the cookery class , so i am goino be uploading pictures from the web.

Images: Google

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do you know how to create realistic flesh tones??

This is another way of creating flesh tones using white, yellow,vermillon and ivory black.
             The success of a painter depends on the ideas, vision and the ability to bring out the right shades of colors on his palette. Mixing colors is quite a difficult task, and bringing out the right shade can be next to impossible. Getting the flesh tone to paint the portrait of loved ones, can get you vexed, because you dont want your GF/BF to look green or purple in the portrait, that will be ridiculous :-P so i thought of sharing with you guys, MY way of mixing flesh tones, though i am not a portrait artist, i use flesh tones for abstracts ... and here is my recipe...

Light flesh tones : 

colors required:   white, red, yellow, and burnt sienna/green.

method:              Take one part of red, seven parts of white, one part of yellow, and a little bit of burnt sienna or green.. When you mix the white and red, you will get a pink, and when you add yellow to it, you get peach, later when you add burnt sienna or green, you should get a light flesh tone. you just have to add red and burnt sienna or green to it to make it dark.

Medium flesh tones:

colors required:    red, yellow,ochre and burnt sienna/green.

method:                with more parts of yellow and ochre, mix a little bit of red and burnt sienna or green to get a medium flesh tone

Dark flesh tones:

colors required:    red, burnt sienna, burnt umber and ultramarine blue

method:               Take maximum parts of red and add a little bit of burnt sienna, burnt umber and ultramarine, to get a dark flesh tone, if you think its darker than what you wanted jus add a little bit of red and white , it should work.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Camp,terrace,stars,moon and mosquitoes :-P

               When i was a kid, dad,mom, and I would go up the rooftop, set the place for dinner, with a minimum light that streaks from the moon.We would then make our beds, and camp there overnight,back in those days the breeze felt much cleaner and fresh.Last night, after about a decade, dad and I planned a rooftop camp. We grabbed our supper and ran up to the rooftop, with our sleeping bags. We made our bed, and my mom's too. Mom joined us a little later, we stared at the bare moon, researched the craters in it, counted the stars around, it seemed dark for a bit, but as time passed, it grew bright and bright.Dad told us some stories from when he was a kid, and so did mom. It was so perfect, the breeze hitting my face, dad telling me a story ,making me laugh, the moon gazing at me, and i dozed off within minutes.
               I was sleeping high, was probably in trance, suddenly i heard a "zzzzzzz" very close to my ear, i couldnt open my eyes, so i turned around, a few seconds later i heard another "zzzzzz", and i reckoned it was the princess of the night, Mademoiselle Mosquito singing to me. i was so riled and roiled, i had to wake up, and assasinate her. I felt strong and happy now, that i decided to sleep again.Just a few minutes from then there was another Hilter mosquito, Oh god, i couldn't take it. Cranky me, sneaked back to my room, turned on the AC and slept peacefully. Sometimes, i wish i was the person i was a decade ago, who wouldn't have cared to wake up, even if a monster grunted in her face. People grow and so do their fear, comfort and fuel prices :-P 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pressure on indian girls!

                  A girl cant be on social networks, even if she does, she cant have photos on them, even if she got photos, she cant let peepz comment on it, and she cant have 800 friends, ever. If the girl is slim, she has to put on weight, and if she puts on weight, she should lose it.If she wants to work, she cant work, if she doesnt wants to work, then she has to :P The poor girl agrees to everything ,that she is asked to do, then she is tagged "naive" . If she let her parents search for her, then she is "behenji". She cant go out cause the sun is gonna burn her dark, she cant cut her hair short cause no ones gonna add her in their shopping cart. Why cant folks not judge their sweet hearts, and let them be.The amount of pressure, on indian girls is just unbearable and impossible.!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A book, A week # 4 "False Impression - Jeffery Archer"

The original Van Gogh selfportrait with bandaged ear!
             False Impression is a book about a rich and powerful man who profits through deception, which gives it fascination from a psychological if not a literary standpoint. Again, though, the story is open to the opposite interpretation: that it is a parable of the world taking away from Archer what is rightly his. In terms of the plot, literally so: False Impression involves an international conspiracy to nick a Van Gogh self-portrait with a bandaged ear!
            The conceit of False Impression is to stage a chase story during the only days in living memory when the main form of transport in modern intercontinental adventure stories - the plane - is unavailable to the characters. The use of jets as weapons against the World Trade Center led to the closure of American airspace at the very time that a picture thief called Bryce Fenston is about to fly to New York with the Van Gogh he has murderously stolen in London. This is undoubtedly a clever idea, and the need for the central characters - art expert Anna Petrescu, a former employee of Fenston's, and Jack Delaney, an FBI agent - to find different ways of leaving and entering the States while the painting remains stranded in London gives a freshness to what would otherwise be a standard robbery plot.
           The difficulty is that Archer also asks 9/11 to serve another narrative purpose. Anna, working in one of the towers, is able to fake her own death. Archer has had problems with taste before, when he employed Senator Edward Kennedy as the object of an assassination plot in "Shall We Tell the President?", bringing understandable objections from a family that had seen two sons shot.
           Using Bin Laden's mass murders as a plot device raises an even greater queasiness, especially as the dramatisation of the events is limited to perfunctory descriptions of people jumping off roofs or becoming engulfed in smoke. Archer's writing has often seemed prone to a brisk heartlessness, and never more so than here. Anna, thinking of friends who work in the buildings, reflects: "It's only when you know someone that a tragedy becomes more than a news item."
           As well as charmlessness, Archer's other weaknesses as a novelist are also present. Possibly the most contrived clue in all crime fiction is that Anna has carefully unstitched the letter P from her jogging shirt to disguise the fact that she attended Pennsylvania University. Unfortunately, the outline of the give-away initial remains. Is it churlish to wonder why she didn't just buy another running shirt? :-P Archer also continues to have a Van Gogh's ear for speech. 
          The sadness of Archer's writing career is that a taut and absorbing crime story - Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less - was followed largely by bloated family yarns. False Impression is closer to his beginnings, and the smart plotting of the heist suggests that the novelist may have picked up useful data from cell-block colleagues. Unfortunately, he seems not to have signed up for remedial English.
Image courtesy :
False impression by Jeffery Archer :
The original van gogh painting :

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My day, my vote

               Dad woke me up at 06:30 this morning,
I :  "what?"
Dad :  "dont u wanna vote??"
I :  "I do. but not before the sun comes up from my behind"
Dad:   "OK. we are gonna go early, so that we dont have to stand in a never ending queue. bye"
I : " oh ... appa, i will go with you :D "
               At 07:15, we left the house, with the election slip and the voters ID. We were at the booth at 07:30 , when the voting starts only at 08:00. OMG i was so furious, when my dad said that he knew it already. He said that is the only way we could skip the queue, i was like "Awesome + smirk ".I dint know what to do,so i started gazing around. i could hear the birds chirp. ( mostly crow, dont let your imagination run wild now, and there are no Ovenbirds and sandpipers in madurai :P) There were squirels climbing up and down the trees,it was quite fascinating to watch them run that crazy. For a minute, it was like i was back in school, with different geographic maps hanging around everywhere, neem trees all around.
               The clock struck 08:00 for once, and i was the first one to vote.. :-D I dont understand, why people dont believe that am in my twenties. There was this cop outside, he asked me if this was my first time voting, accompanied with a smile. I told him i have voted once, before, and he gave me that (really ??) look :P  Dude, what was that.??
               I stepped into the room, i dinno which direction to go,i was standing there for a few seconds blinking hard, then a man in my right called me "inga vanga madam" ( come here). He took my slip , cried out my name loud, he then spotted my name on the list in his hand, and circled it. Then the lady in a fancy saree , sitting next to him, dirtied my index finger with the ever lasting ink, she gave me a pink slip, got my signature and pushed me off to the next table. The man took the pink slip from me, circled my name again and let me go to the ballot machine. There it was, i clicked against ************** and it squealed.
              Election is over for me... !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Child onset schizophrenia and Synesthesia ... a story of a girl

             I saw this video of  a 7 year old Jani Schofield on 'The Oprah Show",a long time back, she is a kid with immense intelligence, she reportedly has an IQ of 146, though she has never been to school. She was diagnosed with "child onset schizophrenia", but some say that she might be a Synesthete too. Schizophrenia has become popular among the learned at least, but synesthesis is not. Synesthesia, is a condition that leads the synesthete to portray numbers, letters, months of the year and days of the week as living beings. So when someone calls out a number, the synesthete thinks of a character in her/his mind,that can be a contradiction. In the video that i saw, Jani speaks of her imaginary friends and an island called "The island of calalini" , she also calls it her other world, this shows that she is schizophrenic,She also talks about her friends, wednesday, 200, 61 and 24 hours, which shows that she could also be a synesthete say a few doctors.The usual schizophrenic,name their imaginary friends with human names, and 2 out of 5 senses play it, but for Jani,  4 out of 5 senses are actively schizophrenic, that is she cannot only see but feel, hear and touch her imaginary friends.She constantly says that her (imaginary) friends beat and scratch her. Jani is also highly violent and suicidal.She has been prescribed with the most powerful drugs, to keep her from being hyperactive. A normal adult cannot stand or even open the eyes, with a quarter of the tranquilizers that she takes. Her dad tested the drug on himself, before letting her have it, and the result was quite shocking, he had quarter of the tablet, and dozed off within minutes, whereas Jani takes 2 tablets and is still active, playing in the grounds..She has also been institutionalized several times in psychiatric wards.
                  Jani's parents take shift in taking care of her and her younger brother.Jani tends to hurt her brother when she is in psychosis.But Jani is just like any other kid when she is not in psychosis.Inorder to keep her from drifting to the other world, she needs to be mentally occupied with some tough tasks all the time.

"The 7-year-old-schizophrenic"

                 She is one beautiful girl, fighting her mind. Schizophrenia and synesthesia can be treated with medications to a certain extent, but all that they need is support and love.Jani is fortunate to have been born to supportive parents, but most of them are not that lucky enough. By early diagnosis, one might not be able to cure it, but can make it easy and better for them. No mother would want her child to suffer mentally or physically, but physical illness can be seen, told and felt, whereas mental illness is mute and fatal.So when a child complains,keeps to one's self  or does something unusual,yet is intelligent, need not mean that he/she is an evolved version of you, it could mean mental illness.Many parents do not want to believe that their kids are mentally ill, because they have high IQ and have been offered the best of gene pools , but it is illness caused by many other factors, that leads to such conditions. Creating awareness and listening to your kids is the prime concern.

Friday, April 8, 2011

India against corruption.. support Anna!

            We have only been talking and feeling strongly about all the corruption within the state and the central government, Now that we have a leader to take us forward and bring us a chance to live in an anti corrupted INDIA, we should stop talking and start acting like the way we expect the others to. Many of us dont even know about the lokpal bill or the jan lokpal bill .( learn it from wikipedia immediately)The jan lokpal bill is a draft to form an independant office, something like an election commision that stays intermediate between the higher office and the public, that has the authority to question and prosecute politicians and bureaucrates without the governments permission. Lack of such office has lead to the various scandals and atrocities that has been happening today.Such an office is set in many of the developed countries, and it is the reason for most of them being developed. Just complaining or talking about them aint going to help, its time we stand up and fight for ourselves,there is no better time.Our generation is accused of being selfish and being consumers,now lets take some responsibilty and prove the world, our might . Corruption is worse than terrorism, and it has taken over our country, we, the younger generation should reap it, out of the system and teach the men in white, some lesson.! Its like bringing home a million world cup for our nation. If you want to be a part of it, and support it, sign the petition for the jan lokpal bill by  CLICKING the link below...  .

                     Lets hope for a corrupt free India in the near future   JAI HIND !!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


                  My cook and I, went to the local market today, We got some veggies and fish!! There is this lady called "Panju" who sells us fish , am friends with her,she gave me100 bucks for my birthday, last year :D, thought i ll visit her, but she wasnt there, So we got back home and i made vegetable pulao and fried fish for the very first time.. It turned out pretty well i must say,i dint expect it though. :-P About my cookery class, i went to class to one of the taj group of hotels in madurai, learnt to make some Indo-continental food, Bird's nest soup, Baklava, fusili a la pesto, cheese cake, hot garlic sauce and lots more.
after :-P
              Cooking seems to be really therepuetic. I have learnt a few recipes from watching Nigella, Rachel, Anita and Kwong , cooking on TLC. I guess, i ll make a good cook by the end of 2011.. :P i have learnt recipes for meringue, chocolate mousse, chicken drumsticks, spanish chicken, meatloaf, fritters, meen curry, chicken punjabi etc.... i am planning to start with a cooking project called " Recipe # " like the "A book, A week # " wish me luck y'all :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

To the people of madurai.....u love chinese??

                        I cant believe, i know nothing in madurai.. What do i do here? i hibernate , whatever that i do, is within the few walls of my parents house. My dad and i hang out in town once in a few full moon, and we found this small chinese restaurant called "Bamboo Gardens" in the middle of a creek.There was no chinese restaurant in madurai for like ever, and i thought its never gonna have one ever.. "Bamboo Garden" has become the gaurdian angel to all the chinese food lovers in the metro... and is the place where i wanna be, when am craving dragon prawns.. trust me..  
the dragon prawns.. yummy :D

Golden fried onions and mushroom fried rice....
                        OH! did i forget ?? I took up a cookery class at one of the taj groups of hotels, in madurai, and thats today :D it was quite interesting,, more about it later.. As soon as my class got over at around quarter to 2, i had this tingling sensation in my tummy, boy, i was famished :P and ever since i visited "Bamboo garden", i have been having dreams of that dragon prawns, that you see up there.. i couldn't wait to get out of that five starred place, i literally bugged my driver to fly me to the tiny place that i call "The saviour of my metro" :P i rushed in, ordered my usual stuff, that is "golden fried onions and mushroom fried rice", and "Dragon Prawns" .. and when the chinki waiter came to me with the food, i salivated like a hungry dog,, :P i literally delved into my food, like, jumped in at once.. it was an explosion of flavours in my mouth.There is also kimchi available here.. good news huh?? "Bamboo Garden" is better than the mainlaind china, in chennai, atleast they dont use sambhar chillies in fried rice, at BG like they do in Mainland china :P thats a disaster, IMP. Am already looking forward to be there again and again and again and again..  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

BLUE is the color of our blood... i bet

                         what an itchy match?? it created that euphoria, never seen before.. Mom and I BLED BLUE last night, we stole the floor and hooted with joy and pride :-D That was one hell of a party, not only for team INDIA, but also for us.. oooooooooooohhhhh!!! The hearts did dhak dhak, during the last 50 balls... i bit nails for 32-32, and though it was a disappointment when Gambhir missed his century just by 3 runs, but what the hell?? He will make up for it, in the next world cup  ;-) Team India, won the cup for you and me... its mine and i cant believe it.... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! i dunno what/how to talk,am in total rhapsody :-P The fealing is pure bliss ...
                             Dhoni for sure is the hero of the decade, dude, he won the 20-20 , then the IPL and now the world cup.. !! He is the man...and the final sixer was so spontaneous,stupendous ,dramatic and the perfect ending to that perfect match.. He managed to win another billion hearts all over.. After 28 years of wait team India made it, but with style. Sachin has finally won it after waiting for this moment, for multiple decades..  It was an infectious tear of joy that rolled on his cheeks,  when he was lifted up and taken around on the ground by the heartthrob KOHLI ,and PATHAN !!
                            Sangakarra's speech was an awesome act at the end, though he looked spooked and shattered.. salute you  ..
                            Team Lanka was no less and It was one good game of cricket that we dont get to watch often :-D

Friday, April 1, 2011

An innocent love story,, true too!!

                  Am not talking about Romeo and juliet or Laila and Majnu here, i dont know how true are these stories, the only true love story that i know of,is that of my grand parents.. :-D One could see the love in their eyes, even while yelling at each other.I always thought they could read each others mind, and that they were connected, 24/7 through telepathy or something :-P One fine day, the amused me wanted to know, how it all started.. and a few minutes later, my gammy is blushing while my granddad goes on.................

                  There was this 9 year old boy in his oversized shorts,sticking to his mom's saree, while someone yells, down the hall  " R, come see your little bride " The boy runs towards the room, and sees this beautiful, new born baby girl, with eyes like black olives ,a huge head with hardly any hair, tiny tiny hands and legs. Baby N  flicks her eyelids at 50flicks per minute, and pees on R.It was then that R decided, he is never gonna go bride hunting ever. He always took care of his little bride. As they grew up, R took baby N to school, and got her, treats and gifts occasionally..R joined college by the time his bride turned up at middle school, now she was this shy, bewitching beauty, with Rapunzel like hair. Ms.N was sent away to a boarding school, Mr.R couldn't handle it though, so he made sure , he visits her at school every now and then along with her dad but she would shy away..
                  Mr.R grows into this fine gentleman, with a job in a far away land. Once, when he visits his would be in laws to get some paper work done, there she was, standing right in front of him, laughing out loud innocently, he just could wait no more, he was falling for her for the n-th time. He walks up to Ms.N 's mother and says " i want to marry your daughter, i cant wait anymore, and i want you to talk to uncle about it, this instant". Happy mother asks her daughter what she thinks of the whole idea, Ms.N smiles and runs out.. Ta da!!! They get married... (it was quite a grand wedding,,, i heard)
                  Marriage, kids, electricity bills, arguments, fits, family politics, neighbour's dog, falling sick, putting kids through school, building a house,transfers, bigger arguments, savings, losing, ever changing universe, deaths and dealing with the worst of times, was all impossible yet the love wasnt lost even a bit. Mr and Mrs. R  get their daughters married, and life is all about grand children now.The old bride plans to go on a trip with the rest of the ladies, from family, Mr.R isnt happy about sending her alone, Mrs.R uses her charm to let her go and she finally goes.....
                  She comes back home with a killing fever, that puts her in bed for the rest of her life. Mr.R is shattered and tries every possible thing to get his bride to walk again, but nothing works.

( i am taking over the story now .... )

                   He brushed her teeth, fed her food, cleaned her waste, and rocked her leg for the rest of their lives.. she lay in bed for four years, not by choice, but he sat on the chair next to her, for four years by choice and will..He never left her side for more than an hour,even if he did leave,it wasnt for more than 18 hours, and laying down in bed, she always sensed his return home,, even when he was at the other end of the street, which i guess was telepathic .. He slept on the floor next to her bed, for four years.. He wouldn't be satisfied if someone else helped his bride with her chores, he had to do it himself, every single day! He kept ants from biting her sore feet and would have taken up on the pain, if he had had a choice .
                  Mrs. R told my dad one day that her end is near, and that Mr,R will not survive her loss ..... December 5th 2008, Mrs.R left us all in grief and so did Mr.R on December 15th, 2008.... i always think of my gammy yelling at my grand dad, with that innocent love in her eyes, even in the heavens.. He is probably teasing my gammy, singing some random song.. :-P No electricity bills or fixed deposits for them to worry about now :-D
                   This is the only love story that i often think of.. and the one i adore.. All the love stories on tv, and movies are bullshit, the only place you get to find it is at home, between your parents and grand parents....  Go home and witness the love story yourself..

DISCLAIMER: I have paraphrased the first part of the story a little bit.. :-P