Saturday, April 2, 2011

BLUE is the color of our blood... i bet

                         what an itchy match?? it created that euphoria, never seen before.. Mom and I BLED BLUE last night, we stole the floor and hooted with joy and pride :-D That was one hell of a party, not only for team INDIA, but also for us.. oooooooooooohhhhh!!! The hearts did dhak dhak, during the last 50 balls... i bit nails for 32-32, and though it was a disappointment when Gambhir missed his century just by 3 runs, but what the hell?? He will make up for it, in the next world cup  ;-) Team India, won the cup for you and me... its mine and i cant believe it.... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! i dunno what/how to talk,am in total rhapsody :-P The fealing is pure bliss ...
                             Dhoni for sure is the hero of the decade, dude, he won the 20-20 , then the IPL and now the world cup.. !! He is the man...and the final sixer was so spontaneous,stupendous ,dramatic and the perfect ending to that perfect match.. He managed to win another billion hearts all over.. After 28 years of wait team India made it, but with style. Sachin has finally won it after waiting for this moment, for multiple decades..  It was an infectious tear of joy that rolled on his cheeks,  when he was lifted up and taken around on the ground by the heartthrob KOHLI ,and PATHAN !!
                            Sangakarra's speech was an awesome act at the end, though he looked spooked and shattered.. salute you  ..
                            Team Lanka was no less and It was one good game of cricket that we dont get to watch often :-D

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