Sunday, April 17, 2011

Camp,terrace,stars,moon and mosquitoes :-P

               When i was a kid, dad,mom, and I would go up the rooftop, set the place for dinner, with a minimum light that streaks from the moon.We would then make our beds, and camp there overnight,back in those days the breeze felt much cleaner and fresh.Last night, after about a decade, dad and I planned a rooftop camp. We grabbed our supper and ran up to the rooftop, with our sleeping bags. We made our bed, and my mom's too. Mom joined us a little later, we stared at the bare moon, researched the craters in it, counted the stars around, it seemed dark for a bit, but as time passed, it grew bright and bright.Dad told us some stories from when he was a kid, and so did mom. It was so perfect, the breeze hitting my face, dad telling me a story ,making me laugh, the moon gazing at me, and i dozed off within minutes.
               I was sleeping high, was probably in trance, suddenly i heard a "zzzzzzz" very close to my ear, i couldnt open my eyes, so i turned around, a few seconds later i heard another "zzzzzz", and i reckoned it was the princess of the night, Mademoiselle Mosquito singing to me. i was so riled and roiled, i had to wake up, and assasinate her. I felt strong and happy now, that i decided to sleep again.Just a few minutes from then there was another Hilter mosquito, Oh god, i couldn't take it. Cranky me, sneaked back to my room, turned on the AC and slept peacefully. Sometimes, i wish i was the person i was a decade ago, who wouldn't have cared to wake up, even if a monster grunted in her face. People grow and so do their fear, comfort and fuel prices :-P 


selva said...

akka, nice post.

sakthi said...

I just wish i could do the same now.. this loner life is a bit of a burden now.. when happiness is back home,, over the dinner chat and the terrace nap

ABI said...

@sakthi: awww...!! go back home soon :D