Thursday, April 7, 2011


                  My cook and I, went to the local market today, We got some veggies and fish!! There is this lady called "Panju" who sells us fish , am friends with her,she gave me100 bucks for my birthday, last year :D, thought i ll visit her, but she wasnt there, So we got back home and i made vegetable pulao and fried fish for the very first time.. It turned out pretty well i must say,i dint expect it though. :-P About my cookery class, i went to class to one of the taj group of hotels in madurai, learnt to make some Indo-continental food, Bird's nest soup, Baklava, fusili a la pesto, cheese cake, hot garlic sauce and lots more.
after :-P
              Cooking seems to be really therepuetic. I have learnt a few recipes from watching Nigella, Rachel, Anita and Kwong , cooking on TLC. I guess, i ll make a good cook by the end of 2011.. :P i have learnt recipes for meringue, chocolate mousse, chicken drumsticks, spanish chicken, meatloaf, fritters, meen curry, chicken punjabi etc.... i am planning to start with a cooking project called " Recipe # " like the "A book, A week # " wish me luck y'all :D

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