Monday, April 25, 2011

Earworms !

       Am stuck with this song "Ayyayo nenju" from the movie 'aadukalam'! The song is kinda mesmerising, and i cant get it out of my head, i dont want to either.. :P I also like the new track "Lolita", i dunno the movie's name though... and the latest inclusions in my playlist are

1) "Everybody is someone els's secret" from "Audition"
2) #3 from 1997
3) songs from lagaan
4)  old ilayaraja songs..
5) songs from pattiyal
6) songs from oram po
7) songs from maina
8) cranberry islands by tim janis
9) last american buffalo- 'bohemian blues' and 'W & L'
10) over the hills and faraway - led zeppelin
11) going to california -Led zeppelin again
12) black dog-Led Zeppelin, Led zeppelin, Led zeppelin

i am going through a "old songs" phase now :P

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