Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My day, my vote

               Dad woke me up at 06:30 this morning,
I :  "what?"
Dad :  "dont u wanna vote??"
I :  "I do. but not before the sun comes up from my behind"
Dad:   "OK. we are gonna go early, so that we dont have to stand in a never ending queue. bye"
I : " oh ... appa, i will go with you :D "
               At 07:15, we left the house, with the election slip and the voters ID. We were at the booth at 07:30 , when the voting starts only at 08:00. OMG i was so furious, when my dad said that he knew it already. He said that is the only way we could skip the queue, i was like "Awesome + smirk ".I dint know what to do,so i started gazing around. i could hear the birds chirp. ( mostly crow, dont let your imagination run wild now, and there are no Ovenbirds and sandpipers in madurai :P) There were squirels climbing up and down the trees,it was quite fascinating to watch them run that crazy. For a minute, it was like i was back in school, with different geographic maps hanging around everywhere, neem trees all around.
               The clock struck 08:00 for once, and i was the first one to vote.. :-D I dont understand, why people dont believe that am in my twenties. There was this cop outside, he asked me if this was my first time voting, accompanied with a smile. I told him i have voted once, before, and he gave me that (really ??) look :P  Dude, what was that.??
               I stepped into the room, i dinno which direction to go,i was standing there for a few seconds blinking hard, then a man in my right called me "inga vanga madam" ( come here). He took my slip , cried out my name loud, he then spotted my name on the list in his hand, and circled it. Then the lady in a fancy saree , sitting next to him, dirtied my index finger with the ever lasting ink, she gave me a pink slip, got my signature and pushed me off to the next table. The man took the pink slip from me, circled my name again and let me go to the ballot machine. There it was, i clicked against ************** and it squealed.
              Election is over for me... !

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