Friday, April 8, 2011

India against corruption.. support Anna!

            We have only been talking and feeling strongly about all the corruption within the state and the central government, Now that we have a leader to take us forward and bring us a chance to live in an anti corrupted INDIA, we should stop talking and start acting like the way we expect the others to. Many of us dont even know about the lokpal bill or the jan lokpal bill .( learn it from wikipedia immediately)The jan lokpal bill is a draft to form an independant office, something like an election commision that stays intermediate between the higher office and the public, that has the authority to question and prosecute politicians and bureaucrates without the governments permission. Lack of such office has lead to the various scandals and atrocities that has been happening today.Such an office is set in many of the developed countries, and it is the reason for most of them being developed. Just complaining or talking about them aint going to help, its time we stand up and fight for ourselves,there is no better time.Our generation is accused of being selfish and being consumers,now lets take some responsibilty and prove the world, our might . Corruption is worse than terrorism, and it has taken over our country, we, the younger generation should reap it, out of the system and teach the men in white, some lesson.! Its like bringing home a million world cup for our nation. If you want to be a part of it, and support it, sign the petition for the jan lokpal bill by  CLICKING the link below...  .

                     Lets hope for a corrupt free India in the near future   JAI HIND !!


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