Friday, April 29, 2011

little Ms. Ashburn (photo log)

Baby Deekshanya

oiled up
awwww !!! she has finally learned to sit

                  This is baby Deekshanya, my little sister (chithi's daughter), shez just 7 months old, though she looks way bigger than she actually should... We are all waiting for her to get back to india, well she has never been here before. she is coming down in june, i am very excited about it.:D We have got alot of clothes for her already :P She looks a bit like me, chithi and mama (Mr.M) , a poser just like me, she has to smile for all the photos, doesnt she ?? ;)


Anonymous said...

She is cute!! Love her

ABI said...

yeah.. shez :-O

xiaopeng said...

dude, yum yum she is :D i jus so wanna eat her now :P

ABI said...

@xi: Lol :D

Teddy said...

Wet look suits her best :P

ABI said...

@teddy: okayyyy!