Saturday, April 23, 2011

My day today !!

              i cooked dragon chicken and veg pulao. it turned out good!! Getting my dad to appreciate my cooking is like winning the Bocuse d'or, he is quite a critic, i tell you :P I did my routine successfully. I also painted a "krishna" but got my back and shoulders screwed cause the canvas was huge,i got tired before i could fill it all.. :( i dont use a frame. I put the canvas pad on my lap the whole time, i paint. So by the time i finish it, my back starts complaining :P i came up with the post on pants and shapes like i had said. i also did some research on architects in madurai, hvn't come to a conclusion yet. i got lots of house plans on my head right now, will probably work on it before goino bed.My cousin ( Mr. M)  had called after a long time, and it was nice talkino him.We were complaining about each others parents :P OMG it was fun :D He has bought a new house too and has asked me to help with designing the interiors and am like super happy about it. :D We used to play cricket and i used to field with my skirt,we stole mangoes, danced for MJ and play doctor. funny, crazy times they were. !! i miss all of it...

My version of dragon chicken.

Krishnaaaaaa :P

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