Sunday, April 24, 2011

My funny theory..

              I have a theory, and it says " If you can grow a plant for a minimum span of time, without killing it, you earn the eligibilty for a marraige, and if you can have a pet, without getting fleas on it or getting it killed, you will make a good parent   "

in short, not letting this happen :P

i know what you are thinking, and i cant help it but come up with such super theories :P i told this to my dad, and he was like rolling off the floor laughing his 'hmmm' out... My parents are looking forward to get me married, so i thought, i should work on this theory, do a self evaluation before they find someone for me,and i dont wanna ruin some innocent person's life :P So Dad and I went to a nursery today to get me a plant but couldn't find the right one for me and i ended up buying track pants for myself (oh! now.. not from the nursery x-( )I have cut down on retail therapy, cause of two reasons
1) trying to be responsible ( dont you dare "LOL" )
2) and there are NOT MUCH of decent shops here :P !!

i end up doing vegetable and grocery shopping myself,and i do it every week though :P and the markets here are like super good, with fresh stuff and they are cheap, most of the time

So ill let you guys know when i find my plant, i dunno where on earth is it now .. In case if any of you have plans to get married any soon, i think you should try my say once. :P


ash said...

Ha ha ha, you and your theory..
nice picture btw

ABI said...

lol.. thank you aish!

Ashish Kalsi said...

LOL!!! A pant instead of a plant...very convenient :P what happened the levis store? You used to love that place ;)

ABI said...

ha ha...where did i get the pants from ?? O_o