Sunday, April 24, 2011

My nurse's daughter..


     Mrs. S is a nurse working at my mom's hospital.She has had 2 children before, and they are no more.With a long wait and alot of difficulty she gave birth to the third child,my mother delivered the baby for her, a girl child, baby F.Baby F was really tiny She has turned out to be my daily dose of entertainment. She is growing really fast, there is something new to her every single day, she just started walking , and the other day i see her chasing a stray dog, i wouldnt dare do that :P she climbed on the chair for the first time today, she calls me "abi aaa" or 'akaka' sometimes. Initially i used to not like to watch her for more than 10 mins cause all that she did was eat,sleep and pee, but these days my day neither starts nor ends without her.She is one weird kid though, she smiles whenever her mom hits her .. :P i wake up with the noise of her knocking down everything and i go to sleep after chasing some street dogs , sometimes i have even been made to dance on the streets.She is highly possessive, throws fit everytime my mom hugs me and she would go "nenda" ( "No" in her crossing over language)..I dont mind changing diapers for the first time. She has got the most beautiful smile, closes her eyes tight and shows off her new teeth. !! She is more than just a nurse's kid to all of us. she is growing real fast!!

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