Friday, April 29, 2011

The royal wedding

                The long awaited royal wedding of Prince William and kate, is finally over.The bride looked oh so elegant, coquette and shockingly beautiful in that Alexander McQueen dress by sarah burton, though it dint meet up with people's expectations :P It was a modern fairy tale wedding, every girls dream, who wouldnt like a wedding like that in the westminster abbey church. OH the church looked timeless, and stupendous. Prince william stole a million hearts with his warmth towards Kate and when he uttered stuff like " you look beautiful !!" and "Are you happy??",, it was just lovely, and another cute love story..The queen mother looked amazing and adorable in her yellow dress and hat. What was with Eugenie and Beatrice anyway?? their hats were ridiculous and scary! Pippa middleton looked stunning, and so did carole middleton. The Beckys played low, and lady posh looked awesome in her navy dress from her own line. She looked so not pregnant but i do not know how she managed to wear her 6 in heels whilst pregnant, she wouldnt have it any other way, would she!

right after the wedding!
cutie queen mother

eugine Ewwwww!! and Beatrice Ouch !
Spicy posh and hottie becky
                Mom, grand mom and i watched the whole thing on TLC ,and envious we were :P and just imagine!! only if the wedding were streetstyled ;) Lol

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