Monday, April 4, 2011

To the people of madurai.....u love chinese??

                        I cant believe, i know nothing in madurai.. What do i do here? i hibernate , whatever that i do, is within the few walls of my parents house. My dad and i hang out in town once in a few full moon, and we found this small chinese restaurant called "Bamboo Gardens" in the middle of a creek.There was no chinese restaurant in madurai for like ever, and i thought its never gonna have one ever.. "Bamboo Garden" has become the gaurdian angel to all the chinese food lovers in the metro... and is the place where i wanna be, when am craving dragon prawns.. trust me..  
the dragon prawns.. yummy :D

Golden fried onions and mushroom fried rice....
                        OH! did i forget ?? I took up a cookery class at one of the taj groups of hotels, in madurai, and thats today :D it was quite interesting,, more about it later.. As soon as my class got over at around quarter to 2, i had this tingling sensation in my tummy, boy, i was famished :P and ever since i visited "Bamboo garden", i have been having dreams of that dragon prawns, that you see up there.. i couldn't wait to get out of that five starred place, i literally bugged my driver to fly me to the tiny place that i call "The saviour of my metro" :P i rushed in, ordered my usual stuff, that is "golden fried onions and mushroom fried rice", and "Dragon Prawns" .. and when the chinki waiter came to me with the food, i salivated like a hungry dog,, :P i literally delved into my food, like, jumped in at once.. it was an explosion of flavours in my mouth.There is also kimchi available here.. good news huh?? "Bamboo Garden" is better than the mainlaind china, in chennai, atleast they dont use sambhar chillies in fried rice, at BG like they do in Mainland china :P thats a disaster, IMP. Am already looking forward to be there again and again and again and again..  

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where is it in madurai??