Saturday, April 23, 2011

Type of Jean for your body shape!

           There are quite a few types of jeans and not all of them suit all body shapes. The different possible body shapes are

1) hourglass
2) V
3) athletic or straight
4) apple shape
5) pear shape

And there are quite a few cuts and fits in jeans

a) boot cut or flare
b) skinny or pencil
c) boyfriend jeans
d) roomy fit or relax fit
e) slim
f) regular fit
g) high rise
h) mid rise
i) low rise
j) ultra low rise

1) Hourglass: people with hour glass shape, who are fit  and have long legs can wear any type of jean. Skinny , low rise will look flattering but people who have an hourglass shape but are not fit should go for midrise, ( cause you dont want that flesh jutting out right above the waist line by wearing low rise) and any kind of cut should do, be it flare or skinny or roomy.

2) V : people who have a V shaped body usually have broad shoulders and slim waist, they should probably go for mid rise and straight fit. boy friend jeans will look awesome, jeggings will look cool too with shirt dresses.

3) people with athletic build can wear any jean of their choice!

4) apple shape : mid rise, skinny, slim fit is waht you want. Boyfriend jeans , a big no no.. you dont wanna add more weight to your legs..

5)pear shape: high rise, regular fit is your type. Boyfriend jeans, low rise, skinny are not clearly your type.

I dont believe in preaching peepz about being thin and skinny, but if you wanna look good even when you are a bit more than healthy, you should probably dress according to your body shape. Skinny kids with thin legs can wear anything and everything.

" Eat cupcakes and wear skinny jeans, because I totally can" :-D

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