Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday the 27th, a fun day

              My great grand dad Mr.N.R.T 's 49th death anniversary, was yesterday, so we had all gone to Theni, my mother's hometown. chakara pongal was made the "semi traditional" way :P and was hogged by us all later. Here is a piece of  my april 27th 2011.

yummy pongal...

Mr. NRT's samadhi

samadhi from inside

pooja at home

the homam


My bro, Dr.T, check out the NAAMAM

check out the ball strategically placed inside the chandelier :P siddharth's work of excellence.

this is a shrine nearby... its peaceful
         i met up with all my grand uncles,aunts,grand dads and moms yeasterday. It was fun but would have been better only if all my busy cousins had turned up. All of us were made to wear naamam, i looked funny i guess.. :P it was a smoke filled day,cause of the homam and  there were moments,when i could not see the person the other side, but it was nice, spending time with family.I couldn't play with trisha*, they wouldn't let her out, for they were afraid she would be pissed seeing the crowd but i still managed to go see her. Poor thing, she was tied up the whole time. Dr.T took us* all to a cinema "Kho" at night  ( second show). The box was cleared for us, we watched the movie in peace. i love my brother, he is like a superman.. :D We went back home at 1 am after the movie got over, and talked till 2. bro and i watched ipl for a bit :P mom, me, chithi and lala, got back to my place this after noon. The drive back home was made cool, with my chithi's witty humour taking over us all, "ROFLMAO"ed the whole time...

* us- me, mom, chithi, lala avva, guna avva, chitra amma.
*Trisha- my grand dad's german sheperd

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