Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doctors vs Patients

             The relationship between doctors and patients, should be built by trust and not by money. The community is so judgemental, when there is a birth, the doctor becomes a God, and if there is a death , the same doctor becomes a satan and the reaction to the latter is harsh, it just doesn't stop with suing the doctor (i read an article about a doctor being murdered). They are neither GODS nor SATANS, they are homo sapiens, either driven by conscience and virtues or by big fat checks just like you and me. The medical system in India is not at its best right now,but let me be optimistic here and say it is going to get better in the future. Its time we stop complaining about the paper work that we are expected to do before getting treated from a medical institution,be it EMERGENCY or not. Consumerism has reached even the most remote areas,if the patient cashes in his chips,within the premises of the hospital, there are chances for the doctor to get sued, if he aint proactive.Not all doctors are greedy and not all patients are honest as well! If we have the right to follow consumerism so can the doctor, don't you think? but i also don't support the idea of paying the doctor a sack of money for a petty treatment, that in my language is called "daylight robbery".I am totally against it. We are children of the media, we believe and act according to whatever our mighty mother tells us,most of it aint true and we know that ;) I know a lot of good doctors who are really into service, but we , the public, scare them and push them into consumerism and later curse them when we are asked to fill out forms... Doesn't that sound crazy?? to me , it does..
No doctor will kill their customer on purpose!!! (provided they dont hold any grudge :P )

Facts : Doctors are not Gods or superheros , they do not hold "death vision cameras"  as eyes, they can only help us with a set of colorful medicines,a smile, a bed pan or a catheter and nothing more. 


Anonymous said...

doctors are so money minded !

ABI said...

i am really sorry for you, for not getting a chance to meet any good doc. And you cannot just profile every doc in the world as money minded... thats badstuff :)