Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endosulfan, a pesticide/suicide !

             Pesticides have always been an issue, there was the Bhopal gas leak,where methyl isocyanate an intermediate used in the production of carbide peticides, caused the death of more than 17000 people so far, and the effects are seen even today.This is a fact and a news well known, but there is a less known fact called endosulfan, a pesticide , banned in most of the countries, whilst used and manufactured extensively in India is said to have had caused serious effects like cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation, hydrocephalus etc, in people living in kasaragod district of kerala,135 people died as the result of its use.Endosulfan is banned in kerala, followed by karnataka and other states but the ban was revoked by the pesticide industry which scores a revenue of more than 4000 crores a year,in other states. In the Stockholm covention, April 2011, the use of endosulfan has been exempted for another 5 years in india.A 8 week ban has been ordered by the supreme court while a report about the potential effects on humans and environment is being submitted(a report gets submitted every year ). The use of endosulfan will not stop until the manufacturing is stopped and the manufacturing will not stop until the pesticide industries are banned from manufacturing it, and the politicians will not let a 'Stockholm convention' ban the manufacture and the revenue generated in their pockets... will they?????
            I dont know why am i writing this post in the first place,is it because i read an article similar to this or is it because i got my mouth burned by eating grapes that were so full of nude chemicals.?? i absolutely know that no one is going to read it, but even if a single person reads it and informs another person about this monster agrochemical, i would consider my time was worth spending.And if at all there is a farmer(read english?) somewhere who happens to read this article, here is a message " Please stop using endosulfan(other dangerous pesticides too) and start using natural pesticides" Oh lemme help!! here is a link to various natural pesticides.. i also happen to know that it is not very easy to just drop the use of agrochemicals and switch to natural pesticides in a fortnight but it is better late than never, cause your son or daughter could be the next victim just like the one below.

                                                        victims of Endosulfan

If you would like to contact/report/support the victims of this killer agrochemical, here is a link to their official website

PS: My family maintains a kitchen garden at home, and we produce a few vegetables for our own use with natural pesticides. i know it cant be applied for major farming,but a natural substitute is always better is my say..

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minu said...

abi i really dunno wht to say..!!!

ABI said...

ya nami... sad ryt??

Teddy said...

Did u hear abt the girl who passed away cos a doc didnt turn up at the right in the govt hospital where she was admitted.? She was a vistim of Endosulfan too. From Kasargod district..! They are already suffering.. and look at he neglect???!! *******!

ABI said...

OMG..! thats terrible