Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i miss ..... right now!!

1. My cousins
2. My friends
3. facebook :P
4. chennai
5. cursing the hostel food (at uni)
6. annoying my sister (Ms.P  idiot)
7. standing in a queue
8. Baby F (i hvnt seen her the whole day)
9. watching a good tamil movie with the ladies in house
10. going "ga ga" over stray puppies( there are lots of adult strays here, and i only go "aiyo aiyo" over 'em and even if i find a puppy somewhere, i cant touch it cause my mom will kill me if i do... duh!)
11. lush green trees
12. quality shopping
13. WALKING (walking on the treadmill doesnt just feel the same)
14. December
15. school
16. electric trains
17. auto rickshaws
18. Watching IPL with friends and the drama after....
blah bla  BLaH......... on and on

images: google!


I am goino be making chicken momos today...  will try and upload the pictures, before eating them :P!!

i am leaving to coimbatore tomorrow to my grand mom's house, and i am going to learn proper south indian cooking .. lmao!! might get a chance to drive too.. its been a while :P                                                           

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