Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Evening 13.5.2011

              Dad was invited to be the chief guest of the evening, by the Rotary club of madurai west at hotel fortune pandian.At first, when my dad asked me to go with him, i was a little apprehensive, somehow i knew i would be the only girl of my agegroup ,and i would have to run into retired software geniuses and retired IAS officers, who would come up with scare tactics and FAQS. Exhibit A.why do you call it computer SCIENCE ?? B. What is the acceleration of a vehicle that travels at 75 kms/hour?? C.Can you draw a circle with the formula of an arc??  (even though the answers are simple and so 8th grade, i get spooked when someone showcases their intelligence that instantly and evaluates my knowledge for no point).Hello !! I also thought, i might get lonely but .........
              I have never listened to my dad speak in a crowd before , i have only heard from people, that he is an awesome speaker .So i thought "why not ??" (Plus he said he will buy me a dinner at Bamboo Garden :P) Once we were there i met many retired young dudes, who were retired ISRO scientists and University heads and great business tycoons ( nomenclature an issue?? yes), and i made friends with them instantly, they were a breath of fresh air, a few did come up with FAQS,but i did well and won hearts, or did i ? :P Then came the moment i waited for, dad was going to speak. i was really excited, i dont know why..i took out my phone and recorded the whole half hour that he was on the dais( i cant upload them cause the videos are inverted, my bad :P ). I am not saying this cause he is my dad but he was really good.. When at home, we talk to each other about various issues, but i dont pay attention most of the time, may be because it comes from a known source. After listening to him talk to the crowd and seeing the response, i learnt that kids show extreme ignorance when parents/loved ones try to help by talking, but the same kids get inspired when told the same thing by an optimus prime.I felt ashamed of myself for not paying heed to the wikipedia, who happens to live with me. And it was shocking to learn that we share the same opinions, like "simplicity is underrated", "mankind in the name of growth is digging his own grave" and other environmental views.
             I had a chance to learn about the practice of conservation in Bhutan and them not entertaining tourists to increase the revenue, instead conserve the place and be happy. I also got to know about Carlos slim helu, the richest man in the world, who uses metros to commute and spends only $24000 a month."Thats a man" .. dont you think??. I somehow dont get inspired, seeing rich people but i do when they stay simple.Its easy to stay simple without money and its easy to thrift on trash if you are a walking ATM but its difficult to stay simple with alot of money..He also spoke about the difference between  the words growth and development, and how intelligence and knowledge has left out no space for wisdom in our brains.The lecture was an eye opener said many of the rotarians (i dont know if they lied but i felt their words were true :P ).
             I got a chance to know more about the most important person of my life, my hero. (My Dad is not allowed to read this post :P ) I am so blessed ( but that does not mean i will stop tripping on him :D)  and so are you for having good parents, be a little non biased for sometime, listen to what they have to say, you will know that they make alot more sense than any celebrity's psycho babble.

ciao abi... 


Teddy said...

Good note to end...:-)

ABI said...

thank you :)

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