Thursday, May 19, 2011

Superstar :D

      The man is not that great looking, he talks tamil differently,hello... can he even dance?, all that he does are random gestures called "s(h)tyle". In spite of knowing it all, i get very much excited, every time i hear the name "Rajnikanth" :D . i can never be too old or too young to buy all the bullshit they sell in his movies, i watched "Baba", the super duper flop movie of the superstar, like a 1000 times. I go berserk when there is a special appearance of Rajnikanth on star nights, or awarding ceremonies etc.. I prefer movies like "The Hurt locker" and "Gladiator" to any tamil movie, but its the opposite if the movie casts Rajni in it! My grey matter tells me he is not Brad Pitt or Sean Connery,but i refute to listen, and carry on with my 'Rajni Madness'. I like the superstar, not because he acts well, or does amazingly choreographed stunts with perfection but because liking Rajnikanth is a part of being a "Tamil" and exhibiting his fame and worth to my north indian friends, is like eating honey dipped chocolate cookies  :D My grand mother, my mother and I share one common interest finally.. :P

ciao abi

PS: There is a little bit of exaggeration in it ;=)


swati21 said...

well said abhi :=}

ABI said...


Teddy said...

Part of being 'Tamil'.. AGREED..!

ABI said...