Sunday, May 15, 2011

village and city!

             I saw a Program called "Neeya Naana" on star vijay, last night. Its a debate/discussion kind of a thing!The topic was "village and city girls".I live in the outskirts of madurai, and i dont think there is anything intimidating about being a village girl, though i might not look like one, i am one , aint i ?? ;) How is a city girl distinguished from a village girl, and a village girl from a city girl?? Two sets of beautiful girls in colourful clothes, representing cities and villages were sitting on both sides,there were some interesting questions and answers from both sides, ... And it was really good to see them being friendly to each other, rather than letting their pride out in words and doing cock and bulls,and for the first time there was no negativity init :P The difference between the two, were their communication skills (only English!),way of styling themselves ,turmeric, jasmine,glass bangles,gokul sandal powder say the village girls and straightening, spa, extensions say the city girls! It was a cute show and i totally loved the character "vairamuthu" init, there was something very unique about her :D
            I enjoyed watching the show and thought i should share it with you guys, watch the show here if you want to...........

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