Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspired by.. !

     I came across this picture today (source: Ananda vikadan 6.7.2011).  A mom supporting her gay son in the LGBT rally at chennai pride 2011.  Such parents are rare and a great role model that we dont often get to see.. Is there a plan or a blue print to fall in love? love is good, however be it! With the support of parents,any kind of issue gets nano in size, but without their support even the smallest issue can seem behemoth.... I am proud of this woman, the mother, a great inspiration..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I laddered today :D

      My house is getting babed up big time, the curtains got a chance to shower, the grills got a makeover, they are pampered like never before.Avva washed the curtains today, and she rest them on the clothline, since the season is windy, the curtains got blown and blown away by the wind.And oh yeah!! they dint stop there, one of them, flew and hid on the sunshade below.... My driver is on a rock tour(just kidding :P), he was so totally absent on this "curtain on the sunshade" day and mom made me climb the ladder to get the curtain..So i climbed down and up the ladder just to rescue my curtain from crowshit !!.... and i feel oh so great, for i am not that useless :D i should have taken a picture right?, oh just that i was shaking with fear and forgot about the rest of the world and i should have asked my mom to take a picture right ?. Oh just that she was holding the ladder for me and cheering up.. I FEEL LIKE A FIREFIGHTER now :-P .... LMAO

Monday, June 13, 2011

virtues, Priorities,introspection and ill fit shoes..

          Are goodness and virtue mere thoughts, are they mere form, or, are they active principles manifested in human action? Different people answer these questions differently.. "how does it matter what you do, so long as your intentions are good?" asked one set of people. According to them what motivates action is more important than the action itself. To counter the above argument its opponents cite:"Even the way to hell is paved with good intentions". The world is shaped in the last analysis by what one does and not by what one thinks. Such a formulation, however, creates an artificial dichotomy between thought and action. Good thoughts ensuing into rectitude of conduct is what one would ideally like to have. The springs of all actions lie in the human mind.However, there is a distinct possibility of there being a bottleneck between the two, aborting the translation of the conceptual into the actual. This makes it imperative to stress the practical importance of action. The ideally good is not merely a matter of looks. What matters is the substance-that which lies beneath the veil of surface appearances. It is in this sense that handsome is he who handsome does.
            Priorities are different for different people, as to what they possess, dream, like, obsess,want, desire, their comfort and convenience. Some might need to live large, while some might stress on living simple.Sometimes it so happens that we want to fit in to a shoe that is a size large or small, both might and will lead to pain.Introspection might be rather misleading to us, is when we attempt to predict our future feelings. Try imagining how you would feel living in a new city, being fired from your current job, or living with a person for several years. When you are not in these specific circumstances, you might not be able to actually predict how you will respond when you are in them. This applies to both positive and negative future circumstances. When we think about something terrible happening to us and try to predict how we would feel one year into the future, we focus exclusively on the awful event and neglect all the other factors that will contribute to our happiness level then. This means that people predict that they would feel much worse than they actually would when this future time arrives. Likewise, for positive events, if we focus on only its occurrence, we wil mispredict our happiness as being considerably higher than the actual moderate feelings that are likely one year later. Does this all mean that introspection is inevitably misleading, and is in fact potentially harmful? It depends on what we analyze about ourselves. When the behaviour in question is actually based on a conscious decision-making process - and is not based on unconscious factors.So, a checklist created with the priorities of your slim blond best friend, is like you trying to fit in to her shoe, the shoe might be a christian louboutin, but you cant just fit into it, because it is just not your size :-P

Monday, June 6, 2011

Woody Allen , why i adore him??


            I adore Woody Allen with no bounds.. ,Okay…. ‘You Will Meet a Tall,Dark Stranger’….. is a tantalizing title, a prophecy and a promise.I mean… who doesn’t want to meet a tall, dark stranger, regardless of age? The premise is strong but this is not Woody Allen’s most inspired movie.I watched this movie a couple of full moons ago.  But since I happen to be a die hard fan of the auteur, I can safely state that even at his worst, Woody is still streets ahead of almost anybody else in the movie business. Which is precisely why he has a world wide cult following and is worshipped in France as a genius.this film may be flawed, but even his flaws are superior to those of other film makers.The problem with this film of his is that audiences expected a light, frothy, feel good comedy ( given the title), but what they got instead was a slice of life ( with loads of exaggeration ). It’s actually a pretty sad and sardonic movie about growing old.About disappointment and disillusionment.About our futile search for love. Woody’s forte has always been to unmask and expose society’s many foibles. He has made a career out of tapping into our myriad insecurities and hang ups. Earlier, the themes revolved around infidelity and betrayal. This one too deals with all that and more, but in a more thoughtful way. Woody’s penetrating insights are all there in the superbly calibrated performances, led by Anthony Hopkins ( can this man ever be less than brilliant, film after film?) playing Alfie, and Gemma Jones playing his divorced , dotty wife Helena.The only person who disappointed big time in an otherwise top class ensemble cast (Antonio Banderas at his yummiest), was our Freida Pinto. To be fair, hers was also the worst written role… and she looked far from alluring as Dia – the desi Lady in Red. Naomi Watts as Sally, was outstanding, especially in the blow out scene with her depressive tippler mother ( Helena) who refuses to loan her more money to start an art gallery.Watts’ savage desperation comes through as she calls her mother an ‘imbecile’ for listening to a charlatan called Crystal. Paradoxically enough, nearly all of Crystal’s calculating ‘prophecies’ eventually come true, including the one about Helena meeting a ‘stranger’ and starting life all over again. Everybody in the movie meets a stranger who alters the course of their individual lives…inevitably with disastrous consequences. But it is Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of an old man who gets conned into marrying an avaricious hooker , that underlines the pathos faced by ageing rou├ęs across the world – men who delude themselves into believing they can still ‘do it’. Charmaine,the trashy, brassy blond ( Lucy Punch) who plays the ambitious hooker, puts in a great performance as she hoodwinks Hopkins into parting with vast sums of money to buy her baubles and fur coats even as she is two timing him with a hunky gym instructor. Like they say, there’s no fool like an old fool! Woody Allen should know!!
         I am waiting to watch "Midnight in Paris" , after the grand debut at cannes film festival 2011,my expectations are at its peak, I know it would be really daft if i miss it.. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

    Its been quite sometime that i painted.. this is a little birdie abstract.. i dont know her name or what species she belongs to, or where is she from, but she is my new roommate :P

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

u love photography and children??

Backpicture, Netherlands is organising an exhibition and auction of photographs and art items on June 5, 2011 between 16:00 - 20:00 hrs at Green Bay - Keizersgracht 253, Amsterdam. All proceeds would go to NalandaWay Foundation. Do what you can !! For more information click

Via Sriram V.Iyer, founder of Nalandaway foundation