Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I laddered today :D

      My house is getting babed up big time, the curtains got a chance to shower, the grills got a makeover, they are pampered like never before.Avva washed the curtains today, and she rest them on the clothline, since the season is windy, the curtains got blown and blown away by the wind.And oh yeah!! they dint stop there, one of them, flew and hid on the sunshade below.... My driver is on a rock tour(just kidding :P), he was so totally absent on this "curtain on the sunshade" day and mom made me climb the ladder to get the curtain..So i climbed down and up the ladder just to rescue my curtain from crowshit !!.... and i feel oh so great, for i am not that useless :D i should have taken a picture right?, oh just that i was shaking with fear and forgot about the rest of the world and i should have asked my mom to take a picture right ?. Oh just that she was holding the ladder for me and cheering up.. I FEEL LIKE A FIREFIGHTER now :-P .... LMAO

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