Wednesday, July 13, 2011

kanthari peppers from sirumalai

         The world's most tiniest pepper/chilli, called kanthari chilli. It grows in certain parts of kerala and tamilnadu, originally from korea.I also learned they are ivory white in colour before turning green. I was really fascinated by their size, they are uber tiny and i can relate to their hotness only after touching a bruised one.. it is extremely hot, my fingers are on fire, even after washing them a couple of times..

Best things come in small packages, dont they?? :P

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Signs of aging!!

         I see the signs of aging in me, almost every single day. It gets me sometimes, who wants to grow old right??.. you know it when you experience the following

1) wrinkles, dark spots etc.. etc..etc.... ..... ....  .... etc (use ponds age miracle eh :-P)
2) You dont feel like talking over a pedestal fan anymore, to listen to your robot voice... damnnn i miss it
3) listening to old songs, classics..
4) watching old movies...
5) The Sun becomes the worst enemy.. you hate him so much.. trust me..
6) Stressing over what kind of "vadai" to serve, when there are people coming over..
7) the superman toy is just a piece of tin.
8) Travelling in a bus is impossible
9) The languages spoken are , Sarcasm,humor,  Narcissism, Pun,ego, money, hypocrisy
10) You "sushhhhh" the kids around.