Thursday, March 29, 2012

A book,A week # 11 " Sea swept - Nora Roberts"

    I purchased a couple of books from a thrift store nearby for  $0.50 each and i find this book worth the money that i spent on it.I may be biased, because I have read Nora Roberts' MacKade brother series, but the Quinn brothers seemed to me nothing more than a reduction of the four MacKade brothers to three Quinn brothers. Of the three Quinns, Cameron, featured in Sea Swept, was my favorite. I enjoyed the relationship of Seth to the men, and the brothers' interactions were amusing, if not as in-depth or believable as some of Roberts' other brotherly interactions.

I couldn't get behind Cam and Anna's relationship. No matter how objective Anna says she was, a woman who would willingly compromise the safety and security of a child, (Seth) shouldn't muddy the waters. Her behavior just didn't make sense to me; moreover, it made me doubt the validity of Anna's character, her devotion and her motivation to being a social worker; and the entire social services system.( i dint want to judge)A Fiction should give us a reprieve from reality, especially the feel-good, happily-ever-after genre of romance.This book surely was lacking it, and its my say!

The only good thing about this book was Seth. Not a bad read, I suppose, but not Roberts' best effort or may be i am not the right person to review a book of this genre :P 

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