Friday, March 23, 2012

Choosing the right dog!!

It has been 4 long months since 'J' and i got married, and since the big move, I am home alone for almost 11 hours a day through 5 days a week. In the beginning it was all great,I got to have a lot of "me-time", which seemed awesome,, but as days passed, I realized that I slipped into the "underpants syndrOme", which seems nice when it actually is not :P without being in touch with an another being can get you really frustrated, trust me on this.

So "J",the most adorable and understanding hubby on earth decided to get us a dog. We began our search the very minute, but there are about a million breed, what do we do?? Lots of options equals confusion. We had to break down the list, and set up a strategy, of course.

border collie 
       What do humans want in a dog? Playful, obedient, trustworthy, good with kids, kind of a dog. Well, I just defined a DOG :-P ... But I went a step ahead and let "J" know what kind of a dog that I do not want, and that will be ... A small,very hairy , cute looking dog or A gi-normous,loud, scary, dangerous, hibrid or a mix kind of a dog.. This way we are left with a very few options that we are aware of. One of us wants a border collie and the other wants a Labrador.

If you happen to have more choices for us, please let us know by commenting below, or by mail.. We would also like to know the pros and cons of these breeds

PS: we live in an apartment in columbia, SC right now and we are planning to adopt a young dog that is houseBroken already... Neither one of us has never owned a dog before.!

Be happy and ciao !!!!!

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Srinath said...

Hope you are doing great :) Nice post..

I have heard that Labs try to please the masters and doesn't have the nature of the dog itself... Still I like the Lab as you could train him well..

I suggest the dog buying on one promise from you dont let your guy feed the dog b'coz we have seen a cat die of obesity B'coz of his feeding...

Gud Luck :)

Tr3v said...

Hey Abi...maybe this could help you

karthik iyer said...

Hi A,
Long time...
I read ur blog and would like to drop a word on the same..
1. First of all, a small correction(s).. Not all big dogs are loud and scary.. Take GREAT DANES for e.g. I know first hand how it is to have G.D.
My landlord in Chennai (for 15 months)had a G.D and it was the best thing ever. I loved it and indulged it so much so that my roomies teased me that I was its biological father. G.D's are adorable, playful and not at all loud. And they make for an EXCELLENT choice. There is a reason they are called GENTLE GIANTS. A little high maintaineance though wrt to feeding.
2. Border's are one of the most intelligent dogs in the world and make for good pets. A friend of mine had a B.C in Ahmedabad and he told me that B.C's are typically loyal to just 1 person and they are very high-strung and demand a lot of your time and devotion. (This is second hand experience, of course).
3. Labrador's are everyone's GO-TO pets, so to speak and they are everything you need in a dog. Playful, loyal, comical .. The list goes on. But make sure that you buy a PURE breed. They are great with strangers too and wont bark unnecessarily.They too need attention and training but they never throw tantrums when left alone(unlike some other breeds).
4. Another name for consideration is the Golden Retreiver. Same attributes as a Labrador, only with a double fur. (Pardon me, but I am bit prejudiced towards golden retreivers.. they are infinitely more cuter than labradors)
5. A word of caution. Please dont even bother with BOXERS, ROTWEILLERS and DASCHUNDS...
My personal preference:
1. great dane 2. golden ret 3. lab

I only hope, i was helpful in resolving some of ur dilemma rather than compounding it.

P.S: u might want to mention who wanted a Lab and who a B.C.

karthik iyer said...

Sorry forgot to sign off.


karthik iyer said...

Sorry forgot to sign off.