Me !

            I do not talk much, am a good listener though, people think that am a snob when they see me first, i might look like one, but i aint one say my friends :P I express myself through blogging and art cause, there is no one around to judge me or look over my shoulders, its just me sitting here alone, writing my mind or thinking out loud.I cant retell jokes and stories very well, you know it, if you know me, my timing is like super bad.:P i can neither swim nor ride. I like my things simple, plain and nothing but the best.I am daddy's little girl, my family is my world, there is nothing more! i always studied in boarding schools and i have ALOT of friends, from all walks of life.The only person i fight with, is my dad, and with mom only on occassions, that too over clothes,:P we speak tamil at home, and it feels like home whenever,i talk tamil.My mother tongue is telugu ,i can understand it totally, but i can hardly frame a sentence init :P I can read, write and understand hindi very well, but i got gender, accent and tense issues while talking,and i sound really funny when i do :P i have a flair for english , i should say i am not bad at it, but i almost forgot french now.My bragging list includes, my dad's kitchen garden, my grand parents's love story and a few other silly things. I love animals, i love them all from rats to dogs to birds to elephants, but i havnt had a chance to have a pet of my own, cause mom is intolerant to animals :P I am tryino plot her into getting me a hamster though :-O I am a very happy person, i dont let anything affect me easily."I think the shirt looks good on you. if you think it does and if you carry it with a huge smile, it looks a million bucks."says me...My maturity level depends on who i talk to and the topic of discussion. Sometimes i do serious talks like politics, freedom, business and sometimes i gush over "Hello kitty" stuff and puppies  :P I have also been tagged " Daily dose of entertainment" and "weird" by a certain few. :P  this is me, this is it.. i have pretty much said it all.